I pretty much wear lipstick daily. Even if I’m running errands in workout clothes I’ll still apply a light layer of lipstick. When I really got in to lipstick and started wearing dark and bright shades I began learning how to apply lipstick so that it looked perfect and stayed on for longer than 20 minutes! Today I’m partnering with Lipstick Queen to share 11 tips for applying lipstick as well as showcasing some of the line’s best colors!

As you can tell from the photos, I had so much fun trying all these gorgeous shades! Lipstick Queen offers a wide array of lipstick choices and are of the highest quality! They didn’t dry my lips out and were also long-wearing. Which shade is your favorite?

11 Tips For Applying Lipstick

applying red lipstick

cupids bow apollo

10 Tips For Applying Lipstick

Cupid’s bow Ovid

lipstick tips

cupids bow daphne

best lipsticks 2

cupids bow desire

Tips For Applying Lipstick 2

cupids bow metamorphoses

how to apply lipstick

cupids bow golden arrow

lipstick queen

cupids bow nymph

lipstick tips for fuller lips

Cupid’s bow eros

lipsticks for summer

silver screen play it

poppy lipstick queen

silver screen come up

favorite lipsticks

lipstick queen frog prince

Featured Colors:

Cupid’s Bow Apollo

Cupid’s Bow Ovid

Cupid’s Bow Daphne

Cupid’s Bow Desire

Cupid’s Bow Metamorphoses

Cupid’s Bow Golden Arrow

Cupid’s Bow Nymph

Cupid’s Bow Eros

Silver Screen Play It

Silver Screen Come Up

Frog Prince

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rememory photography

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