I recently announced that we are in the process of getting ready to sell our house. For those that have sold a home before you know that a lot goes in to it. The constant cleaning for showings when you have two young boys running around 24/7 is tough for any mama! I definitely knew I needed to get some help but was super nervous. We’d had our home totally closed off during quarantine. With working full time and having both boys home (and homeschooling) I knew I had to find the right partner to help me keep my home ready for showing but to also help me keep my home SAFE with potential buyers going in and out.

Thank goodness my friend Michelle introduced me to another one of her friends named Kim that recently started a Maidpro business. I hopped on the phone and told her my concerns regarding the virus and having people come in and out of my house and she was able to give me so much peace of mind. Not only does her company offer hospital grade cleaning but they also have incredibly strict requirements to ensure that their staff are healthy but also they carefully train their staff on the best cleaning practices to help keep homes (and businesses) clean from the virus. I thought I’d share some tips that I learned from them as well as they have kindly provided some discounts in case you or your business needs some cleaning assistance during the virus.

1. Use the right cleaning products.

We all know that COVID-19 can live on surfaces so it’s good to daily clean high traffic surfaces like counter tops. Soap and water can REDUCE germs but disinfectants KILL them. I do daily cleaning with products such as disinfectant wipes and bleach and then for a good scrub Maidpro is helping me to make sure the house gets cleaned top to bottom and gives it a really good deep cleaning that’s hard for me to do. Maidpro uses the best hospital-grade cleaners that are appropriate for the different surfaces and flooring of your house while still being safe. They also do a 49 point checklist to ensure that you get the upmost quality in cleaning.

2. Use the proper cleaning tools.

One thing I was doing completely wrong is I’d frequently use the same rag to clean between rooms and something Maidpro taught me is they color code their cleaning cloths to ensure that they are not used between rooms (and, of course, not between other people’s houses). Be sure that you are washing your cleaning cloths in the hottest water setting possible in your washer as well right after use and not with other items.

3. No shoes indoors or use shoe coverings.

Currently studies are showing that the Coronavirus can travel on shoes. Given this it might be time to put a no shoes indoor policy in your house. Maidpro always wears shoe coverings.

The ladies that helped me from Maidpro were so kind and helpful. I was so grateful for some help that I literally could have cried! Kim (the owner of the local Maidpro) temperature checks all employees as well.

Maidpro has kindly offered some discounts for my readers below. They are a great option, not only for personal homes, but for businesses as well to ensure you are providing a safe, clean business for your clients and employees. To learn more or receive a complimentary quote call Kim at (210) 664-4884 and be sure to reference The Storibook!

Thank you so much Kim and all her amazing team at Maidpro for helping me keep my home safe and clean as we go throughout the selling process!

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