As many of you know I’m also the fashion editor and stylist for Nside Magazine. It’s one of my favorite jobs and is a true passion of mine. It may seem glamorous and fun but it’s also a LOT of work! I wanted to share with you one of my favorite editorial features that I completed for Nside’s June/July issue and also thought it would be fun to tell you about the behind-the-scenes of being a fashion editor and stylist. And don’t forget to pick-up the recent issue at your local HEB or Krogers.

Do you have any questions about what goes on behind-the-scenes as fashion editor and stylist? If so, comment and I’ll do my best to answer!

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These photos are the finished product of many weeks of work! We all were so happy with how they turned out and I was beyond honored to work with such a fantastic team. I’d like to start by giving credit to the following:

Venue: Valencia Hotel

Wardrobe: Neiman Marcus

Male Styling: Jon-Michael Narvaez

Hair/Makeup: Alicia Guevara

Photography: Josh Huskin

Models: Stefanie Cotton, Manolo Elias

Design: Rick Fisher

fashion magazine photo shoot

A fashion photo shoot actually begins weeks in advance. As editor and stylist, I start by putting together style boards on what trends we will focus on and the overall look for the shoot. We also put together the team that will work on the feature as well as scout the venue.

fashion editor

Next comes wardrobe pull. This is lots of fun but is a major workout (particularly when you are 9 months pregnant like I was for this shoot)! At Nside we are very grateful to be working with the best in fashion…Neiman Marcus. In advance of the shoot we obtain all sizing from models and head to Neiman Marcus early in the morning to pull wardrobe, jewelry, shoes and more that we are considering featuring in the shoot. Each look is heavily evaluated on the overall end feature and cohesiveness. It typically takes several hours! I love working with the very talented Jon-Michael Narvaez who does the male styling – I think we make a pretty darn good team!

nside magazine

Next comes model fittings. We (the stylists) begin having the models try on the different looks that we pulled. We begin with WAY more looks than we will need at the end. During fittings we accessorize as well as make any alterations that are needed.

Alicia Guevara

And now it’s time for hair and makeup and Alicia Guevara is the best in the biz! She and I work together in advance to decide the vision for hair and makeup and then she takes it from there! She’s a genius!


She’s so good that if I ask her for a special “bright lipstick” she MAKES a custom one herself!

fashion stylist

Photo shoot day! I arrive super early on photo shoot day to begin set-up. We layout and steam all wardrobe and make sure everything is picture-ready. I also do a full walk through with the photographer laying out exact locations and lighting. We utilized Josh Huskin as photographer for this shoot and he was phenomenal.

fashion shoot

Photo shoots take a good part of the day and a close eye to detail is needed at all times! Here’s Alicia and Jon-Michael making sure everything looks just right!


Jon-Michael has an impeccable eye for men’s styling – I can’t wait to see what he does next!

fashion editor

magazine fashion editor


Once the photo shoot is wrapped it doesn’t stop there for the fashion editor! Then I’ve got hours of photo review, content writing, editing, fact checking and more! But it makes it all worth it when I have the finished magazine in my hands!

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