Everyone looks better with a pearly white smile! I hate to say this but lately I was looking in the mirror and my smile was anything but white. I don’t drink coffee but I’m a sucker for tea and I could tell it had been staining my teeth. With Fiesta on the way and about a billion Queen of the River Walk events coming up I knew I needed to get some help right away!

So I called up my friends at BiO2 Skin Studio and Medspa at The Shops at La Cantera as they recently started offering a wonderful teeth whitening service. BiO2 is an award winning Skin Studio/Medspa that provides non-invasive cosmetic and skincare treatments in a chic, modern spa setting. My beautiful friend, Crystal Holmes, is the owner and whenever I need help in the skin/medspa department I immediately call her. Keep reading to hear all about my experience BUT of course I have a special deal for YOU!!

BiO2 is graciously offering all of my followers and readers…

50% off of a teeth whitening session (valued at $200) with code THESTORIBOOK until the end of Fiesta.

Did you know that every day as we eat and drink, our teeth are slowly staining? BiO2 explained to me that over-the-counter strips can temporarily whiten but only reach the enamel, which is the top layer of our teeth. For safe, long-lasting results, BiO2’s teeth whitening treatment can brighten your smile in one session (about an hour long)!

This professional teeth whitening will not whiten artificial teeth, veneers or teeth with gingivitis or decay. Teeth that have been stained by antibiotics or other medications may not whiten. If you had braces recently removed, make sure that the adhesive is completely gone or the process will whiten around the adhesive. You can whiten your teeth with this process every four months and most clients achieve results 4-10 shades whiter than their original smile.

So how does the process work? In a comfortable, reclined position, BiO2 will take a cheek contractor and place it in a way that exposes your smile (yes – you look completely ridiculous). Using a hydrogen peroxide based gel, they will paint your teeth and place your smile under a blue LED light for two 20-minute sessions. This allows the porous enamel on your teeth to open, letting the gel penetrate past the top layer! In doing so, this whitening process provides long lasting results.

During the treatment, you get to relax in a comfortable room while wearing goggles that allow you to use your phone for texting or listening to music! You can even bring your headphones if you’d like. Between each session, you’ll be able to rinse out your mouth and relax your jaw. I do have a bit of sensitive teeth and on the second treatment my gums began to hurt a tad but it wasn’t anything awful. I took some advil and was fine within a few hours.

As I mentioned above, BiO2 is graciously offering all of my followers and readers 50% off of a teeth whitening session (valued at $200) with code THESTORIBOOK until the end of Fiesta so be sure to take advantage ASAP before they book up!

To learn more about all of the services that BiO2 has to offer and make an appointment, you can check out their website here!

Disclaimer: I received complimentary teeth whitening for my review of their services. All opinions expressed here are my own.

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