My house is overflowing with all things boy including cars, dinosaurs, Tonka Trucks and more. While I certainly love my boys, I do miss out on all the fun girl stuff like ballet, mom and daughter manicures and having an automatic shopping partner. I keep laughing with my friends saying I’m going to have to borrow their daughters for girl time! And recently I had the pleasure of doing just that! I borrowed seven of the cutest young ladies for a fun photo shoot to premiere a new clothing line that my daughter would be rocking every day!

athleisure wear for girls

Me with all my darling Social Clothing models!

athleisure line for girls

Social Clothing is a new line of athleisure wear for girls sizes 7-16 that has recently launched by founder Becky Cerroni in San Antonio, TX.  The line was designed to empower and inspire the next generation of athletes to give them cool and comfy options as they pedal headfirst into the world of fitness and sports. The project has been a labor of love to honor her own three children: Sophia, Charlotte and Liam. 


The collection features stylish athletic apparel ranging from $20-$50 and includes everything from candy bar collage leggings to the trendy “phrase” tshirts that are must-haves right now.

athleisure line for girls

Not only did I have the opportunity to meet Becky and shoot her uber-fab collection but I also had a chance to delve in to this entrepreneurial mama’s brain (did I mention she also owns JoyRide Cycling Studio?)! I seriously don’t know how she is doing it all! You can currently shop the line at JoyRide here in San Antonio and for my readers across the country visit their website here.

girls athletic apparel

Kick back and keep reading for my interview with Becky as well as get ready to want to shop the cutest little girl’s clothing line ever! There is even a special discount code for sTORIbook readers below!

What is your background in fashion and why did you decide to create an apparel line?

It’s kind of funny, but growing up in Texas as a kid I used to pour over the J. Crew catalog. I also come from a family who loves fashion, so it was always something I loved. I lived in New York, Miami and Paris, and I traveled the world working in ocean conservation, so I worked with photographers and scientists. But fashion was my fun outlet. I just finally found a way to merge work and play.

I love fitness fashion because it just make you feel good. It’s like when you were a kid and you always ran faster in your new shoes. So I started carrying an adult line in order to bring New York and LA to SA. I have three kids, so it was just a natural progression to carry something for them.

athletic apparel san antonio

Describe the apparel line and who your designs are for?

The clothes are for kids who love to move. They’re for dancers, athletes, really anyone who likes to have fun. There’s no real type of kid that fits into the mold. They all do. I chose brands that were fun and comfortable. Kids want to have the things grown-ups have. But now I have grown-ups who want these kids designs. A size 16 in the kid’s line is a size 4 for adults, so I have adults who wear the clothes too. Because they’re fun!

athletic apparel for young girls

What inspired your designs?

My children were my inspiration. I just realized that the options for quality kids athletic wear were really limited. And my kids’ personalities are so different it makes it easy for me to come up with looks that work for my sporty athlete or my strong ballerina. Then my fun little guy likes all the funky styles. I just think of the person who is a JoyRider. What does their day look like? Where are they going? I try to create looks that kids would choose because they are comfortable and unique. The best time to have fun with fashion is when you’re a kid. Kids don’t need to take themselves too seriously. Just love yourself and have fun. I have an instructor who says we exercise because we love our bodies, not because we hate them.

social clothing athletic apparel

What challenges did you face creating the line?

I’m carrying 5 or 6 lines actually, so figuring out the balance with the look from different brands has been a little bit of a challenge. I don’t want to carry a head-to-toe look from any one brand. And I’m doing this all on the side, so it’s basically my moonlighting project. But I also believe in the project, so I think that’s why it works.

social clothing apparel

What do your children think about the apparel line?

My 10-year-old LOVES it. And my 6-year-old is oblivious in the best way. He’s fine with anything fun. My oldest is my toughest client, which is actually great. She’s in middle school, a time when everyone just wants to blend in. So I try to remember that when buying for that age.

social clothing san antonio

Where is the clothing made?

It all depends on the brand. Some are made in LA, New York and Colorado. Most brands are generally LA and NY brands.

social clothing

I know you also own Joyride. What is a typical day for you and how do you balance it all as well as being a mother?

Well from the minute I open my eyes I know exactly where I need to be. My calendar is my life.

I get up around 6:15 and walk the pups. Then I check e-mail for any fires to put out and have my coffee. Then I get breakfast ready for the kids and pack their lunch. I love owning my own business because I get to take my kids to school.

Then after that it’s JoyRide all day. I have class and internal meetings in the morning. Then I have external meetings in the afternoon. Late afternoon I play catch-up on whatever I need to and I get to pick the kids up from school. One afternoon a week is for retail.

I try to work on having a balanced work and home life. After the kids in bed then I handle social media.

The hardest part about working for yourself is that you’re always on. But I make an effort to balance it all, and I think I do pretty well.

What is next in store for the brand?

I’d like to continue to grow organically. We’ll have some camp pop-ups, and we’ll continue doing social media. I’d like to make Social Clothing the go-to online shop for kids athletic fashion because there’s really no one selling these styles nationally.


Now how precious is that collection?! I just want to eat those leggings! Becky, like so many of my readers and mom-preneuers are an inspiration that I have proud to support!

I’m excited that Social Clothing is offering all sTORIbook readers a 20% off discount code for their entire purchase! One offer per customer. Expires May 16, 2017.

20% Off Code: SOCIALTORI

Be sure to visit or the Social Clothing Facebook page.

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Adrian Espinoza of Ame2Creates


Disclaimer: I received compensation for this post. All opinions expressed here are my own.

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