The other day I was having a late night conversation with a dear friend and she used a phrase that has been resonating with me… “prayerfully hopeful.” I’ve never heard that phrase before but it just hit home. I live my entire life prayerfully hopeful. Praying and hoping that I’m raising strong children. Praying and hoping that I’m making the right decisions in business. Praying and hoping that I’m a good wife. Praying and hoping for a lifetime successful marriage. Praying and hoping over and over again in this guessing game we call life.

As a mom and entrepreneur I find myself constantly having to make decisions – and many times I’m very unsure of what my choice should be. Particularly as a mom. Some decisions I’ve agonized over such as should I hold Luke back before Kindergarten (glad I decided to send him on). Now I’m trying to decide if I should put him in a Spanish immersion class. And then with little Foster – should I put him in more childcare to give me more time to focus on my business and potentially earn more financially. Decisions that seem so large at the time but always when I look back I wish I would have just prayed and let it go rather than make myself sick worrying about it.

Have I mentioned that before? That I’m a Worrier? HUGE fault of mine that I constantly struggle with. I can make a mountain out of a mole hill as they say! Do I have any readers who share this with me?

God tells us in Romans 12:12, “Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, and faithful in prayer.” Goodness knows I need to write this scripture all over the place to remind me! I think I’m going to make “prayerfully hopeful” my new daily phrase. Because every time I have allowed myself to be filled with hope and prayer HE always answers.

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  1. Crystal Fuentes

    I will be prayerfully hopeful that I win this giveaway😀. I have four daughters and this wpuld certainly be an answered prayer!


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