The first time I had my makeup airbrushed was for my sister’s wedding. I can remember waiting in anticipation to see my face. When she finally held up the mirror in front of me I was astonished! How could my face look so impossibly smooth and flawless?! I couldn’t help but wish that I could apply my makeup like that every day! Alas, I didn’t know of any home airbrush systems at the time so I continued with my plain ol’ traditional makeup – each time always being slightly disappointed in the end result. And then the best thing in the world happened… I received a home airbrush system from Luminess Air! I practically squealed in excitement when it arrived! Now I could look like I had a makeup artist do my makeup EVERY DAY! I have absolutely fallen in love with my airbrush system and want to show you it as well as teach you how to use airbrush makeup like a pro! AND for those of you wanting your own airbrush system I have an exclusive code for sTORIbook readers to get 15% off (CODE: 798673816).

How To Use Airbrush Makeup

What Airbrush System Should I Buy?

Luminess Air offers a couple different airbrush makeup systems – I have the Legend Airbrush System which retails for $249. The kit includes: Legend Airbrush Compressor and Stylus, moisturizer/primer, foundation, blush and skin brightening glow. I selected the pink compressor but it also comes in aqua blue/white, white/black and rose gold/black. To see the options click here. The aqua/white compressor is actually on sale right now for $199.

Luminess Airbrush Makeup

Why The Luminess Air:

Not only is this airbrush kit very affordable, but it applies as good as a professional system. The kit contains everything you need and it’s small enough to take anywhere. It applies a micro-fine mist allowing your makeup to appear flawless. You can easily cover up imperfections such as acne, under eye circles, wrinkles, skin discoloration and more. It’s also very easy to use and includes a DVD that teaches you everything.

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Tip #1: Prep Your Skin

Prep your skin just like you were going to be using traditional makeup. I always start by washing my face so that I have a clean canvas to work with. Then I apply my moisturizer and eye cream. Following, I utilize my Luminess to spray on the included primer. I find that it makes the makeup apply better and last longer.

tips for using airbrush makeup

Tip #2: Go Slow, Be Consistent, Don’t Get Too Close

All of these are key when using an airbrush. First of all you want to hold your stylus about 6-8″ from your face. If you get too close the makeup will appear caked on (YUCK). Remember, you can always add more so apply it to the entire face, allow it to set and then add if needed. Move slow and consistently when applying so that you get even coverage across your face. Also, never stop – keep moving until you finish.

how to hold an airbrush stylist

Tip #3: Hold Your Stylus Like A Pen

Here’s a great picture showing how to hold the stylus. Press the button slowly. When applying makeup you should only go between level 1 and 2 so that the makeup is coming out in a fine mist. If you move to level 3 too much makeup will come out. Notice I also recommend pulling your hair back so that it’s not in the way and so you don’t accidentally spray it!

airbrush foundation

Tip #4: Go In Circular Motions

When applying go in small circular motions. I typically start with my cheek area, go down to my chin and then do my forehead. Don’t forget to airbrush below your jaw as well so that you don’t have any lines.

airbrush foundation

Tip #5: Add Your Blush:

Once you have completed your foundation it’s time to add color! Start your blush application with your airbrush where you want the most concentrated color – on the apple of your cheeks – and then move outwards towards your hair line following your cheek bone. You can also add to other areas where the light naturally hits – above your eyebrows and chin.

how to use airbrush makeup like a pro

Tip #6: Try Contouring

One of the things I love about airbrushes is you can contour! Once you apply your foundation add a darker color foundation to the stylus. Begin applying it directly under your cheekbone, jaw line and on the sides of the bridge of your nose.

beauty blogger san antonio

airbrush makeup san antonio

This is my finished look with a bit of contouring.

Luminess Airbrush Makeup System

Isn’t it amazing and SO easy?! If you would like to get your own personal Luminess Air here is a discount code for all sTORIbook readers to receive 15% off! CODE: 798673816.

To learn more about Luminess Air click here.

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Disclaimer: I received a complimentary Luminess airbrush to review. All opinions expressed here are my own.

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  1. Meagan

    I’ve been dying to buy one myself! I hate always having to pay a fortune to have mine done. Purchased one last night! Thank you!


      I’m so glad that you got one! I can’t wait to hear all about it!

  2. May Luna

    Hey Tori,

    I’ve never tried the Luminess airbrush system, I currently use the Temptu system right now which is good, but after reading this review I’m willing to invest in this. The Temptu system is quite portable like the Luminess system and I travel a lot so this could solve that problem.

    This post definetely deserves a share!

    May Luna


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