I have a confession for you sTORIbook readers.

I have A LOT of makeup. Like a ridiculously obnoxious amount of makeup. I can’t resist! I love makeup!

Until recently it was all dumped in some boxes that I’d have to dig through to find what I wanted. I’d be in a rush and it would drive me bonkers to not be able to find that perfect shade of pink lipstick that went with my outfit. But now my makeup is perfectly organized thanks to Boxy Girl! Boxy Girl offers the most fabulous beauty organizers that offer tons of customization capabilities. They are all stackable and they offer eight organizer options and eight vanity collection stacks.

But not only did I find a pretty way to display my makeup but I also discovered a few tips to assist you with how to organize your makeup using these amazing Boxy Girl products.

How to Organize Your Makeup with Boxy Girl

1. Select the right Boxy Girl products for you.

Before you get ready to order your Boxy Girl organizers review the makeup you have and identify which products will be best for you. I selected the original Boxy Girl Double Stack with Lid, the Half Lip Stack, and the Brush Stack. I think this is a great starter set that will assist you in organizing a wide variety of makeup and beauty supplies/tools.

The Boxy Girl Double Stack with Lid is a staple. It includes a 2-drawer nesting stack with logo-engraved lid. It has 4 removable dividers so that you can customize the drawers to the size of your products. This would also be a great product to organize jewelry in as well. They also offer a 4 Stack as well that I like.

The Half Lip Stack is such a favorite that I actually have multiple now. This stack has eight 1” deep lipstick holders in the front and eight 1¼” lipstick holders in the middle for taller lipsticks, and four 1½” pockets in the back that are perfect for lip stains and glosses. I love how I can easily walk right up, find my shade and go!

Finally, the fabulous Brush Stack is so handy for all your brushes but I also love to use it for my lip and eye liners, lip pencils, mascaras and glosses.

How to Organize Your Makeup with Boxy Girl

lipstick organizer

2. Organize your makeup to follow your beauty routine.

I group all of my makeup by the order that I need it in my beauty routine so that I can move more quickly. My primer is right next to my foundation. Directly under my foundation is my powder with my brush. In the drawer below that is my cheeks and bronzers and in the divider next to that is my favorite eyeshadows. You get the picture!

How to Organize Your Makeup with Boxy Girl

3. Group by brand, collection and color.

I like to group by brand and collection and then by color within those groupings for obvious reasons. I love how visible all the colors are.

lipstick organizer

makeup organizer Boxy Girl

makeup organizer Boxy Girl

makeup organizer Boxy Girl

makeup brush holder

I am one of those people that just feels so much calmer when things are organized (probably because I’m on the go so much and have a major Type-A personality). I have been feeling so refreshed not to have my makeup in a hot mess and I can also complete my beauty routine so much quicker.

To shop these fabulous Boxy Girl products and be as organized as I am visit BoxyGirl.com.

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