I have quite a list of style icons but there is one that always rises to the top. Jackie Kennedy’s grace and charm was epitomized by her style. Her wardrobe was always impeccably tailored and truly set the bar for, not only fashion for First Ladies, but also for all women today.

I’ve always loved a good monochromatic look but there is just something about an all white look that screams CLASS. In my house it also screams, “Kids dump your juice on me!” But even with the wardrobe challenges of motherhood I still incorporate white on white looks in to my wardrobe (I just always make sure I’ve got a Tide Stick hidden in my handbag).

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I’ve worn this look a couple times recently. Once to a business meeting and another to a Chanel event at Neiman Marcus. Both times I walked with a little extra confidence! And hope you will too!


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6 Responses

  1. Caroline

    I am loving this look. Anytime I wear all of one color I think of Jackie-O. The white in white will never work in my house cuz I have the “wipe your hands in mom” syndrome too.
    You look stunning girl. Always love your photos

  2. JeffyBarnes

    Hmmm, I think my missus will like this one. My clothes (gift) selections are getting a little better with research from blogs like this amazing one. Many thanks!


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