A couple weeks ago I was on a conference call when Foster walked up to me in my chair smiling sweetly. As I smiled back at him I watched him reach up and wipe an unknown brown substance all down the leg of my pants. Immediately, I silently (remember on a call) grabbed his hands thinking he’d somehow gotten in to chocolate. Right about then I “got a wiff of jiff” and accidentally blurted out loud for everyone on the call to hear… “Oh Foster! That’s not chocolate!” I quickly excused myself and rushed off the phone claiming an emergency.

I wish I could say this was the only incident that happened but, unfortunately, my sweet little second child decided playing in his poop was quite fun (as well as smearing it all over rugs, walls, his crib and more). Keep reading below…

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Foster is my wild child and no one prepared me for him. He is the cutest thing you will ever see but under that precious facade is Baby BamBam ready to wreck shop. I can still remember my friends telling me how tough it was with their second child and then I had my second baby. I couldn’t figure out what they were talking about. I was a two-kid PRO! Foster was the best baby EVER! He slept through the night almost right away. Would chill in his stroller as I carted him about to meetings, tball practices and more.

AND THEN…he got mobile and I like to think he immediately thought, “Let the games begin!” (queue the evil laugh). Taking him to a restaurant has about a 50/50 chance that I would actually get to eat vs. wrestling with him to stay seated. He’s fairly regularly written up at daycare for being “too handsy” (which is the nice way of saying whacking the entire class all day). Furniture is considered launch pads for diving.  The dog now cringes or runs and hides as he nears. Bath time is war time. Fits are of epic proportion. And poor Lukie even told PawPaw one day in the car that he didn’t know having “Baby Bubba would be so awful!”

wild child

His propensity towards mischief ABOUNDS. Since having Foster I can’t even count the number of #momfails I’ve had and there are days when I think I might need to check myself in to an insane asylum to survive. If you’ve watched my Instastories you know I’ve even resulted to hiding in the aisles of Walgreens after Daddy Russ gets home from work just to have a moment of escape. After browsing the makeup for about an hour I’ll grudgingly take a deep breath and suit up to go back in to battle. How in the world could I raise two children the exact same way but one of them end up being a little hellion?!

Who knows what God has in store for me (perhaps it’s growing a whole new level of patience). But whatever the reason… I wouldn’t trade him for the world. While he is full of mischief he’s also full of life and excitement. He lives everything bigger, louder and faster. I have to pray that his strong personality will mean he’s a strong person when he grows up. And in the meantime… pray that I can keep up with his shenanigans.

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pink duster

pink duster

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pink duster

white shoes

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    Meego Loves her Foster!! He just does everything with GUSTO!!! Love the outfit especially the choker!!


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