As many of you know I live in San Antonio and we are about to celebrate Fiesta! Fiesta is a HUGE two week celebration where San Antonio practically shuts down to celebrate the heroes of the Alamo and the Battle of San Jacinto. It also celebrates the culture of this amazing city, raises a lot of money for local non-profits and also features tons of fun events and parades!

As you know I love a good cocktail (just follow #storibooksips) and what would be a better cocktail for Fiesta than a MICHELADA?! Today I’m so excited to be teaming up with party maven Amanda Gentis from Handmade Mood to bring you a fun and stylish DIY Michelada Bar featuring the BEST michelada mix company… Don Chelada!

DIY Michelada Bar

We had so much fun designing this party that would be perfect for a Fiesta-themed birthday, Cinco de Mayo or so may other events. Much of the party was handmade such as the cactuses which were cut from cardboard boxes and painted.

don michelada

The must-have feature of our michelada bar is definitely Don Chelada. They have two different products which I’m obsessed with. First is their michelada mix. The Don Chelada’s Liquid Michelada Mix is a fully prepared Michelada mix with all the ingredients that would be selected and used by a bartender to prepare you a michelada. You just pour it into a cup over ice and then add the beer. SO easy!

michelada mix

Their other product is SO COOL! It’s their Don Chelada’s Michelada Cup. It’s a 24 oz. cup and inside of it is a small packet of michelada mix. You just pour the mix in and then add beer!

Don Chelada Michelada Mix

They have three flavors: original, spicy and lemon-lime. My favorite is the SPICY!

michelada bar garnishes

Customize your michelda bar with all your favorite garnishes! We selected limes, lemons, olives, cucumbers, salami, jalapenos, pickles and cocktail onions.

michelada garnishes

michelada bar

michelada recipe

paper straws

fiesta party

How adorable is this pinata that Amanda spray painted GOLD?!

topo chico vase

dos equis

STEP 1 (Don Chelada Mix): Pour the Don Chelada Mix into a glass. (almost half way)


michelada party

STEP 2 (Don Chelada Mix): Pour in the beer.

fiesta san antonio

STEP 3 (Don Chelada Mix): Stir and garnish. DRINK!

michelada cocktail

michelada recipe

michelada recipes

michelada party

michelada san antonio

DIY michelada Bar

STEP 1 (Don Chelada Cups): Pour the packet in the cup.

don chelada cup

michelada cup

Step 2 (Don Chelada Cup): Add the beer.

Step 3 (Don Chelada Cup): Garnish and Drink!

cocktail recipe

thestoribook tori johnson


To learn more about Don Chelada click here.

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DIY Michelada Bar

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