KINDERGARTEN REGISTRATION FORM. The subject line blared at me as I read an email from Luke’s Mother’s Day Out program. Wait. It can’t be time. I mean…I KNEW it was time and I KNEW it was coming…but I’m not ready for my little boy to go to school! That sweet little blonde boy who made me a mommy. Who made my heart grow even larger than I ever thought possible – is about to go to school! People tell you all the time how fast time flies with kids and you never really believe it until you EXPERIENCE it. It seems like just yesterday we were driving home from the hospital. Two new parents full of anxiety and nervousness. And now Daddy Russ and I can’t help but comment constantly about how much Luke has grown up lately. I’m so conflicted – his age brings about so many neat things that we get to do with him (sports, field trips, and more) but then I can’t help but feel like I still need him to be my little toddler again. That email didn’t hit me like a ton of bricks. It was more like someone hung a ton of bricks from my heart and the weight is slowly pulling me down.

Other sTORIbook mommies out there…how do I prepare myself for this? How do I keep from being a bawling ninny on the first day of Kindergarten?! How did you get through this time?

P.S. Keep reading for more about a fab shop called Southern & Sea PLUS a discount code!


outfits for spring

On a MUCH lighter note… I’ve GOT to tell you about this fabulous online boutique called Southern & Sea which has the cutest designs including this super fab floral blouse that I’m obsessing over lately! This is a must-have blouse for spring. I’m going to tell you a little secret…I’m actually wearing it BACKWARDS! I love trying out styling items in different ways and when I turned this blouse backwards it gave it a super stunning (and on-trend) high neckline that I fell in love with! It’s fantastic because it makes the blouse super versatile and you can get two different looks out of it! It’s currently $34 and don’t forget to use the code STORIBOOK10 for 10% off your order!

spring florals

In this shoot I styled the blouse with some skinny jeans (cuffed at the ankle), strappy stilettos and a fun black, fringe handbag.

floral blouse

If you look back on my Instagram feed I also wore this blouse to the rodeo with a pair of black slacks and turquoise boots – it’s just one of those blouses that you can dress up or down.

black high heeled sandals

Shop Ankle Wrap Heeled Sandals (so HOT with jeans!):

fashion blogger and dog

san antonio chihuahua

fringe handbag

floral sheer blouse

black floral blouse


Some Other Southern & Sea Looks I’m Loving:

cold shoulder dress

Cold Shoulder Dress (On Sale $18!!)

cross body dress

Lilac Cross Body Dress ($34)

sheer lace coverup

Sheer Lace Cover Up (ON SALE $18)

fringe mini skirt

Fringe Mini Skirt (SALE $14)

Photography Provided By:

rememory photography

Disclaimer: I received the blouse featured in this post for my review. All opinions expressed here are my own.

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  1. Bethany

    The fringe style is in fashion, and you can see it on everything like from sandal to bag. I love this and thanks for sharing


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