For all of my fashionistas looking for a last minute costume I’ve got the perfect one… Marie Antoinette! When Lancome challenged me to create a modern day Marie Antoinette inspired look I practically got giddy with excitement. Marie Antoinette was THE fashion icon of the 18th century inspiring trends in both style and beauty. What better product line to utilize to create a look inspired by one of the most notorious French queens than Lancome? Keep reading for all the details on this DIY Marie Antoinette Halloween costume.

DIY Marie Antoinette Halloween Costume

I have been a long-time devotee to Lancome. In fact, my first “high end” piece of makeup I ever purchased when I was younger was a Lancome lipstick. The House of Lancome has such a rich heritage and a product line that gives all women that special French elegance.

Lancome Makeup

Lancome Products For Marie Antoinette:

1| Audacity In Paris Eyeshadow Palette

2| Blush Subtil (Shimmer Midnight Rose)

3| Les Sourcils Definis Brow Expert

4| L’Absolu Rouge Definition (Le Carmin)

5| Definicils Mascara

6| Eyebrow Reshaper

7| Sourcils Gel Waterproof Eyebrow Gel-Cream

8| Artliner Precision Felt Tip Liquid Liner in Noir

9| Blush Subtil (Shimmer Rose Paradis)

10| L’Absolu Rouge Definition in Le Magenta

11| Hypnose Drama Mascara

Marie Antoinette Costume

Prep and Foundation: To prep my face I cleaned it and then applied my daily serum and moisturizer. Next I applied my primer, foundation and then I did a transparent powder. This evened out my skin and made the perfect base for all of the color that I was about to apply.

lancome eyeshadow

The Eyeshadow: When I opened up and saw the Lancome Audacity eyeshadow palette I literally squealed with glee! This is going to be on my gift guide this Christmas because every woman needs one of these! I started by applying the “Choquette” across my entire eye. Then I applied the “Filigree” along my lid and into the inner corner of my eye for a little extra gold sparkle. Now its time to begin layering on the PINK! I actually used Lancome’s Blush Subtil in Shimmer Midnight Rose. Use your eyeshadow brush and just start by patting it lightly across the lid and build upwards towards your eyebrow until you reach the eyebrow bone. Gradually build the color by layering the blush on the eye until you get the shade you want. Once the top of the eye is done, I used the same blush color to line underneath the eye as well.

marie antoinette hair

The Eye Liner: This look really needs the drama of a liquid liner. I did a full line entirely around the eye using the Artliner Precision Felt Tip Liquid Liner in Noir. If you haven’t used liquid liner before this is a really great liner to begin learning with because it truly is precise.

The Lashes: I currently have eyelash extensions but when you are doing a look as dramatic as this you need your eyelashes to practically be fans! In order to really get my eyelashes to stand out I doubled up using two different Lancome mascaras. First, I applied the Definicils Mascara (almost like a primer). Then I went over with the Hypnose Drama Mascara … talk about volume and GLAM!

The Brows: I’m so obsessed with brows lately. As a blonde I really don’t have very good brows so I have to give them quite a bit of help. First begin by combing your eyebrows with the eyebrow reshaper to make sure everything is laying properly. Then I used Les Sourcils Definis Brow Expert to color in my brows and fill in any gaps. Lastly, to really define them go over with the Sourcils Gel Waterproof Eyebrow Gel-Cream.

lancome blush

The Blush: I used two different blushes to get this look – remember to start light. Start by doing a light brush from the apple of your cheek up your cheek bone using the Blush Subtil (Shimmer Rose Paradis). Then take the Blush Subtil in Shimmer Midnight Rose that we used on the eye and darken in the apple of the cheek.

The Lips: Lancome’s creator, Armand Petitjean, believed that lipstick should invite kisses. To this day, his lipsticks are making women’s lips kissable. My love of pink continued to my lips where I wore L’Absolu Rouge Definition in Le Magenta. Lancome also sent me L’Absolu Rouge Definition in Le Carmin and I ADORE this gorgeous red shade too so had to mention it.

Lancome Lipstick

The Beauty Mark: You can’t forget the beauty mark!! Super easy… just do a little dot of Artliner Precision Felt Tip Liquid Liner in Noir and dust with some powder to set it.

marie antoinette hair

The Hair: And, of course, you want to know about this hair and it’s so INCREDIBLY easy. The night before I rolled my hair up in small sections with foam rollers (yes, those foam rollers we used when we were kids). In the morning I slowly unrolled them. Then all you do is tease your hair all over your head. Easy peasy!

P.S. I have to say a big thank you to my friend Amanda Raba Gentis! She is a true francophile and shared in my excitement with this project! Needless to say, we had a blast doing this photo shoot!

DIY Marie Antoinette Halloween Costume

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    Awesome Antoinette! This Lancôme liquid eyeliner is the easiest I’ve found to use.


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