Do you remember those days when you used to stay out all night and still some how wake up looking refreshed with not a hint of a shadow underneath your eye? Alas, those days are long gone for me. Between staying up late blogging and getting up early with babies I seem to have permanent under eye circles. That is until I learned how to properly HIDE THEM! If you also need a way to brighten up those eyes (and totally FAKE like you had a full nights sleep) here are some tips for how to get rid of dark under eye circles.

how to get rid of dark under eye circles1. FIND THE RIGHT PRODUCTS

Finding the right products are always important. You want to make sure to customize for your skin tone as well as select product that accommodates the type of skin you have (whether oily or dry). When it comes to concealers I prefer a long-wearing, matte. I’ve been using Pixi Beauty’s Concealing Concentrate which is a lightweight cream in a small glass pot. It comes in a neutral beige that works for most skin tones and is waterproof. Additionally, it contains Rose Hip Extract that has cell regenerating and skin elasticity boosting properties (SCORE!), Vitamin A for anti-aging, Vitamin C for brightening and Vitamin E for nourishing.

Pixi concealing concentrate

For those days where my dark circles are at their worst I actually double up starting with Pixi Beauty’s Correction Concentrate and then I put their concealer over. Talk about camouflage! I also bruise easily and I’ve used the Correction Concentrate to cover up bruises.

Pixi Correcting Concentrate


ALWAYS start with a clean face and make sure to apply your eye cream and moisturizers. I then like to use an eye primer to ensure everything will stay on all day. Next take an eye brush and apply a couple dots of the concealer along your dark circle. Use your middle finger to lightly pat it in to the skin (you can also use a beauty blender). Here’s a great video for a visual that shows a before and after as well. Pixi products are great because you can layer them giving you a little extra help if needed. Once it’s blended you can proceed with your foundations, powder and eye makeup.

Pixi Contour Powder

Another product I’m loving now (unrelated to under eye circles) is Pixi’s Natural Contour Powder. I’ve been really trying to perfect the art of contouring and this product is a game changer! It’s an easily, buildable matte powder that really creates a natural sculpting effect.

Well, now that you know my under eye secrets you can officially say, “Peace out, dark circles!”

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Disclaimer: I received compensation for this post from Pixi Beauty. All opinions expressed here are my own.

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