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Thirty-One. That’s the big number today!

This year I really feel like I’ve been coming in to myself. Embracing hopes and dreams and making them become a reality. Feeling truly settled in as a mother.  And even finding my stride when it comes to developing my sense of style. It’s almost like I’ve been shining a rock only to find that it’s a gemstone. That’s what 30 was all about. I like to think we are all gemstones that just need a bit of love and attention.

This year I was able to give myself some love and attention. Daddy Russ once said to me, “The world is your oyster!”  And it’s true… and much due to him. He allows me to continue seeking my dreams each year while backing and encouraging me the entire time. The best part is that I always feel like he has faith in me that I’m heading towards something even better. He may not know what that vision is but he knows I have it in sight.

I already have some neat things on the calendar for my 31st year and even an exciting announcement coming soon! So stick around for year 31 sTORIbook readers! Here’s to wishing it’s the best year YET!

This is my sTORI being written as you read. – Love, Tori

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  1. Jackie Kirkindoll

    Happy Birthday to a wonderful & talented Daughter!!! I look forward to all the exciting things year 31 holds!! Love you!!!


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