As I’m sure you’ve noticed I haven’t been posting as much lately. Well, it’s all because I’ve been planning my mom’s 50th birthday party! My mom is an amazing woman and my sisters and I were so excited to celebrate her!

We didn’t want to use any of the normal 50th birthday decorations and decided to go with a stylish theme featuring paisley and flowers in fall colors. I made the decorations for under $100. The highlight of the party was a homemade “photo booth” where guests wrote notes to my mom on a chalk board and then wore fun props for the pictures.

The Photo Booth

My Stepfather, Don

Decorating Details:

Paper Pinwheels: Click here for tutorial.

Photograph Clothesline:

Wheat Centerpieces: (Very easy to make! You can buy the dried wheat at Hobby Lobby then just stick it in a glass vase.)

Honeystick Favors:

Overall, the party was a blast and I think my mom really enjoyed it! To view more picture from the party click here.


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  1. Joyce Foster

    That was so neat! I am sure everyone had lots of fun!!
    Love your talents!

  2. Elaina Snow

    Tori, I wish soooo bad I could have come to the party! I had planned to surprise her, but I had company that I couldn’t get out of having! Boo!! The party looks like it was a lot of fun! You did an amazing job planning it, decorating, and hosting!
    Your webpage is amazingly talented as well! Look forward to see you and little Luke soon!


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