There are days in every person’s life that at the end of that day you think this is a major day in my life that I will never forget. My wedding day was one of them. My baby sister’s wedding day is now one of them as well.

This is my baby sister…the most beautiful bride ever that looks like she stepped straight out of a magazine. My sister, Meagan, was married yesterday. The day was perfection, full of so much love, joy, celebration and yes…tears. I was so weepy all day – if I let myself I would just burst in to tears!

I’d really never thought before about how I’d feel about my sister getting married. What I didn’t expect was how I was filled with so much emotion that kept threatening to come out and drip down my face! Watching my mom see Meagan in her dress for the first time. Watching Meagan walk down the aisle, glancing at her future husband and seeing the tears in his eyes and his hands trembling ever so slightly. Watching them dance their first dance as husband and wife. Moments after moments of an abundance of joy that I wish my writing would be able to do it justice.

It’s that type of joy that you can feel God’s hand on you – smiling – as his PLAN is set in motion. For he is the ultimate matchmaker. And he sure got it right with these two!

I love you MaeMae! One word. Stunning.


This is my sTORI being written as you read. – Love, Mommy Tori

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  1. Jackie

    This mom is crying again! Tears of happiness and thankfulness! Thankful her daughters have grown into loving, beautiful women!

  2. Michael

    God provides the place of safety and security which does flow through individuals as well. Love is a very splendorous thing, and it really has been on display of late. Thanks for sharing and all you do, Tori!


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