Daddy Russ has been on a fishing trip in Canada so it’s been just Luke and I. Unfortunately, Luke and I BOTH got sick with these horrible head colds. So this past week we pretty much hid out in the house. Finally today we’re both doing better so I pulled  out the baby pool in the shade, filled it with water and we sat outside enjoying summer to the fullest!

I sat on the deck with my feet propped up watching Luke splash and kind of just took in the season of summer around me. I closed my eyes and tilted my face towards the sun and just accepted its warm rays. I could hear the kids a couple houses down yelling and laughing as they played. Then my attention was caught by my neighbor raising and lowering his barbeque pit lid with the smell of burning wood wafting in my direction. It would mix with the smell of Luke’s sunscreen. A bee buzzed around me and a few birds flew back and forth from our trees. I just absorbed all of it as I sipped on a glass off iced tea.

One of my other favorite things about summer is the clothes! Specifically, I have a new favorite pair of Elaine Turner wedges that I pretty much want to sleep in because I love them so much.  They are stunning with a metallic linen and lipstick pink jute mix that makes them really standout.  I hope everyone is enjoying their summer as well!!

Fun Summer Fashion on The sTORIbook Blog

Fun Summer Fashion on The sTORIbook Blog

Elaine Turner Arial Wedges

Love the shoes and scarf on The sTORIbook Blog

Love the shoes and scarf on The sTORIbook Blog



Mommy Tori’s Outfit:

Shoes | Elaine Turner

Shorts | Express

Shirt, Aviators, Belt, Scarf | Target

This is my sTORI being written as you read. – Love, Mommy Tori

Disclaimer: My Elaine Turner wedges were given to me. All opinions expressed here are my own.

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