Yesterday I received a call from the San Antonio Current. I thought they must be calling regarding one of my clients but was completely caught off guard when the caller said, “No, I’m actually calling about you and your BLOG!” I was completely confused! The caller excitedly began to tell me that I was awarded as one of the finalists of the San Antonio Current Best Bloggers awards (2nd place) in their Best of San Antonio poll! I was beyond surprised and couldn’t help myself…I just started crying! I probably sounded like the biggest idiot!

sa current

After everything that has been going on in the past week this joyful news was just so welcomed. To all of you who voted I want to tell you a HUGE, GIGANTIC THANK YOU! I’m truly honored. I also want to congratulate my friend, Christina Coker from Champagne Taste on a Beer Budget, and Stephanie Guerra from Puro Pinche who were the other two finalists!

But there is something more important that I want to tell you. San Antonio is incredibly blessed to have one of the best blogging communities (and I don’t say that lightly). The talent in this city is absolutely incredible! Every single one of them should be on this list! When I moved to San Antonio I was immediately welcomed and befriended by them. This morning when I woke up….THEY were the first people to congratulate me. When I was going through surgery THEY were lifting me up with prayers. THEY were sending me emails asking if they could watch Luke, bring food, or do anything else I might need. That is just who they are…TRULY GOOD PEOPLE. If you have some time I highly recommend checking out all these awesome San Antonio blogs (If I missed you I apologize. Let me know so I can add you!) Thank you all for inspiring and teaching me every day!

Abigail Kennan –

Adriana Silva – –

Alicia Arenas –

Alvina Castro –

Amanda Raba Gentis – – http://www.petit–

Amy Johnson –

Angie Oliverson –

Ashleigh Davis –

Ashley Moss –

Barbara McNeely –

Bryana Coalson Howe –

Candace Sabo –

Carrie Edelmann Avery –

Colleen Pence –

Christina Coker –

Debi Pfitzenmaier –

Daliene Hendon –

Denise Barkis Richter –

Elizabeth Anderson –

Ellen Evans –

Emily Stringer –

Erica Bodker –

Faith Hinchman –

Gayle Brennan Spencer –

Heather Hernandez –

Heather Hunter –

Inga Munsinger Cotton –

Jennifer Hatton –

Jennifer Williams –

Jenny Haggerty –

Jessica Sliman –

Joanna Champaigne –

Jolie Gray –

Kassie Buck –

Katie Fiegel –

Kristi Day – –

Kristina Nunez –

Laura Elizabeth Morales-Welch –

Laura Nivin –

Lauren Madrid –

Lilliana Gonzalez –

Lisa Branam – –

Lisa Douglas –

Lisa Pennigton –

Lori Stromberg –

Megan Ortiz –

Meghan Farley – –

Melanie Mendez-Gonzales –

Michelle Cantu –

Michelle (Rodriguez) Hernandez –

Miranda Koerner –

Misha Hettie –

Morena Hockley –

Neven Jones – –

Pamela Price –

Patty Vela –

Sada Lewis –

Sara Phillips –

Sarah Roberts –

Shari Biediger –

Stacy Teet –

Stephanie Guerra –

Stephanie Smith –

Tina Castellanos –

Tracey Washington –

Veronica Rouse –

Jennifer E. Garza – – –

This is my sTORI being written as you read. – Love, Mommy Tori


20 Responses


    congrats!! I love reading your blog. I am not surprised! 🙂


      Thank you, Rebecca!!! I really appreciate your support!

  2. Jackie Kirkindoll

    Congratulations!! Well deserved!! P.S. Wow! There are a lot of bloggers in San Antonio!!


      Aww, Melanie!! You are going to make me cry!!

  3. Ellen

    You are one of the kindest people I’ve bet — and this post only proves it. Your win is well deserved. Congrats!!


      Oh thank you for saying that, Ellen! You give me too much credit!! I just love our blogging gang!


      You are so sweet Lisa! I’m so grateful too! I don’t think there is anywhere else in the country with a blogging community like ours!


      Thank you so much, Lisa! That is very nice of you to say! I just adore all the local bloggers!

  4. Sarah R.

    I’m so excited for you! I don’t know of another place that has such a welcoming and inclusive blogging community. I feel lucky that I know all of you!


      Thank you!! It’s the best list ever!


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