I had all these high hopes of waking up this morning and feeling brand new, refreshed and well. Unfortunately, I woke up in full out coughing attacks, a drippy nasty nose and I totally sound like a DUDE when I talk! Needless to say, I had PLANNED to do all these Easter egg decorating DIYs today but instead I’m camped on the couch sipping between Chai hot tea and chugging Emergen-C. But all of these lovely Easter egg decorating ideas are just too beautiful not to share.


Easter Egg Decorating - Nail Polish Marble Eggs

text 2

Click here for tutorial.

Easter Egg Decorating - Glitter Eggs

text 1

Click here for tutorial.

Easter Egg Decorating - Paint Pen Eggs

text 3

Click here for tutorial.

Easter Egg Decorating - Gold Dipped Eggs

text 4

Click here for tutorial.

Easter Egg Decorating - Rubber Band Eggs

text 5

Click here for tutorial.

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This is my sTORI being written as you read. – Love, Mommy Tori

3 Responses

  1. Jen Hatton

    These are gorgeous! I am supposed to be out buying supplies for Easter but I am on the couch snuggling a teething toddler. Will try again tomorrow. Hope you feel better soon!

  2. marcelo buzzani

    Vc sempre nos abrilhantando com suas idéias maravilhosas e seu bom gosto ímpar!….adoro visitar seu blog, sempre que quero algo lindo e unico, procuro aqui. melhoras para vc querida amiga! Uma páscoa abençoada para vc e sua amada família!.beijos….

  3. stacy

    We’ve got a couple under the weather here too, take care of yourself mama. These are all beautiful picks!


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