Last week I was honored to be asked to judge the cheerleading tryouts for Dilley High School (where I graduated high school from)! Yes, many years ago I was a cheerleader. I can actually still remember my first cheerleading tryouts and how nervous I was and then I remember how beyond excited I was that I made the team!

The tryouts were so much fun and all the girls did such a fantastic job. While I was watching each girl perform I couldn’t help but sympathize with how nervous they were. I felt so bad that my scores might ruin someone’s dreams. I pretty much wanted to hug every girl, tell them how awesome they were and then tell everyone they made the team! I was so impressed by all of them for reaching for their dreams!

Luke, of course, came along and hung out with the cheerleaders while I was judging. Needless to say, I’m pretty sure he was in heaven and received LOTS of attention! Congratulations to the Dilley High School 2013 Cheerleading Squad!


As you can see Luke was a total chick magnet! This is him hanging out with a couple of the senior cheerleaders!


This was one of my high school class rooms! Maybe I even sat at this desk!


Luke thought it was fun to run like a maniac through the empty hallways!


All right…don’t laugh. Here’s some pictures from when I was a cheerleader.


Ok….high school throw back time is over!

This is my sTORI being written as you read. – Love, Mommy Tori


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11 Responses

  1. gmaj

    So little Luke got to roam the halls of DHS!! What fun.
    Glad you got to do that; you are well qualified! And a beautiful cheerleader!


      Oh yes! He had sooo much fun! Love you!

  2. Amanda Navaira

    Those were the days. How awesome is that to judge the tryouts? The picked a good judge. You were one of the greatest!


      We had tons of fun back in the day! You and I will have to judge together in the future!

      • Amanda Navaira

        Heck ya! I’ll will say…everybody makes the team! Lol


      Awww….you are too kind! Thank you!!!


      Oh thank you so much, Megan! That makes me feel so good!

  3. Nadley Flores

    I’m going to judge in Iola on Wednesday!!! Brings back lots of memories!


      Really?!! That’s great!! You are going to be an awesome judge!! I was just remembering when we all wore our high school costumes for Halloween at the credit union!


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