Great news! Luke’s Big Boo Boo is doing so much better! It’s healing before our eyes – thank you Lord! His spirit just amazes me. He’s become so loving and will just reach up his little arms for hugs and if you sit down he’ll back up to sit in your lap. He’s my little angel (most of the time – hehe).

A couple quick notes. I recently reconnected with a very old friend of mine, Liesl Darr. We were friends in 8th grade and met up for breakfast the other day. It was so exciting to catch up on years and years of life. She is a part of an amazing organization called The Little Black Dress Society which strives to end abuse of women. It’s a very worthy cause and I just wanted to highlight some events they have coming up in SA in case any of my local readers are able to attend.

Now down to some fashion fun!

Target is such a go-to for flats. These are the perfect little trendy print for fall!

It’s still a little warm in San Antonio so you can comfortably wear shorts. I’m definitely ready for some cooler weather though so I don’t sweat to death in jeans.

Remember that little chambray shirt I featured a couple weeks ago? It’s back! To see it worn with some awesome mint jeans click here.

Chunky necklaces in the Target clearance rack – yes please!

Hope everyone is having a great week! I have a bunch of opportunities going on with my PR and marketing company so everyone say a little prayer for me!

This is my sTORI being written as you read. – Love, Mommy Tori

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  1. Jennifer

    Good Luck!! Prayers coming your way!!!! Love the shoes!! May have to go pick some up.. I’m getting into flats too …… finally!

  2. Lauren

    I kid you not, I am wearing leopard flats as I type this!!

  3. JeannieRichard

    When they are young, they heal very fast!
    When I was Luke’s age, a fisherman’s hook was swung into my cheek, I didn’t cry.
    But my papa and grandpa was hopping mad!
    Thankfully, the younger you are, the faster you heal without leaving scars.

    Love your flats – i have a similar one but its a faux snakeskin texture… I should take them out to wear once again.
    Thanks for the reminder 😀

    • torijohnson5

      OMG!! I’m cringing from the fishing hook story! Thank goodness you’re ok! It is crazy how fast kids heal!

      Thank you re. the flats! I bet your faux snakeskin ones are fab!

  4. Liesl

    In my thoughts and prayers my friend! Look forward to hearing how things go and know God’s got a great plan going for you 😉 Keep me posted!

  5. amanda

    Love the flats! Leopard is my favorite neutral right now. (and loving the top knot — it’s my go to these days!:) )

    • torijohnson5

      I adore leopard right now as well! I actually just ordered a gorgeous Elaine Turner leopard iPAD case. Can’t wait for it to arrive! And you’re right on the top knot – it’s always easy and chic!


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