Want to make a statement with your nails? Well, the next big thing on the nail art scene is a brand who’s name says it all…Rad Nails. Get ready to take your nails to a new level of coolness.

Check out this tutorial on how to do this awesome nail art by clicking here.

This cracks me up! It’s a true MAN-icure!

Love how geometric this is!

Are your nails feeling inspired?

This is my sTORI being written as you read. – Love, Mommy Tori

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    • torijohnson5

      I just checked out Incoco and love them! Thanks for introducing! RAD’s nail art is definitely a bit more edgy. But I like both!

  1. Jackie Kirkindoll

    You may have gotten me to step out of my box with my color choices but I don’t think that I can go RAD!


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