I’m sure you’ve noticed I’ve been a bit more quiet on “personal posts” on the blog lately. While I love being able to use this platform to write – when I get busy, unfortunately, it leaves me very little time to do just that. As most of you know I also own a PR and marketing company and in the past I kept just a few clients to allow me time for the boys, the blog, travel and the zillion other activities I do. But a couple months ago my PR company had some major new client opportunities come my way which also meant some BIG decisions.

I majorly debated on whether to go after the clients because it would mean essentially going back to work full-time in PR/marketing and I had been kind of resisting it a bit since Foster is still pretty young. Well after much debate I decided to just put it all in the hands of God. I figured if I won the clients then that was the direction he wanted me to go and I’d figure it out from there.

Well, guess what?! I WON… ALL OF THEM! Haha! So it’s official – for the last two months or so I’ve been back to working full time. I’ve been super grateful for the new clients and God also brought a couple wonderful gals into my life that I’ve been able to hire and expand the company which has also been exciting. It’s been a blessing (extra income always is right?!) but it has also been filled with the normal challenges of balancing full-time work with kids, home, serving on the PTA board among a variety of other things that I’m involved in. 

I’m sure many of you moms know how big that decision is to go back to work and can empathize with the childcare dilemma that comes with it. Luckily, I’m still able to work from my home office so currently Luke is home with me during the summer and Foster still goes to his Mother’s Day Out program 3 times a week. It’s a juggle (and not always pretty – sometimes I’m hiding in closets trying to do conference calls) but I truly believe in building a life that works for us and it’s important to me to be as involved as I can with the boys while still being successful professionally. 

Normally when I have an increase in work I also have a massive increase in anxiety. I’m not sure if it’s just the maturity that comes with being almost 35-years-old but this time I’ve just refused to worry. I finally have gained the wisdom to know that God is by my side and it will all get done. I can give myself enough grace to know that I can only do the best that I can do and that’s that. 😉

I’ll try to not be so distant on the blog – bare with me as new clients and workloads settle in!

How To Wear The Rainbow Trend

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And on a fashion note let’s go back to the title of this blog post… How to wear the rainbow trend. The 2nd part of that title is “How to wear the rainbow trend and NOT look like a little girl!” It’s definitely doable and I have to say I’m loving the positivity and joy that this trend brings. How can you not be happy wearing a rainbow!?! So here is a look I recently wore incorporating this trend as well as tips for how to wear. Finally, I’ve curated a variety of other rainbow pieces that I’m loving! Happy shopping lovelies!

How To Wear The Rainbow Trend

TIP #1: Pair with solid colors not other prints.

There is a lot going on with a multicolor rainbow print so don’t overdo it by pairing it with prints. Select a solid color from the rainbow print or go with a neutral like white and let the colors really pop!

TIP #2: Wear rainbow prints with denim.

Fairly safe but still chic…pair with some jeans or denim shorts.

How To Wear The Rainbow Trend

TIP #3: GO BOLD…Rainbow from head to toe.

If there is ever a trend to have fun with and be the boldest fashionista around it’s the rainbow trend. Have fun and live a little!

TIP #4: Try a rainbow accessory.

Not quite ready to go all in on this trend? Try a rainbow accessory like a clutch, shoe or jewelry.

How To Wear The Rainbow Trend

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