One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor. You’ve all heard the old adage – and more than likely still slightly cringe from memories of a certain, unmentionable night in college. But when George Strait launches a tequila brand you can be assured you won’t be chasing it with salt and a lime. Instead you will be slowly savoring a beverage fit for a king (the King of Country that is).

When I received an email invitation a couple of weeks ago to attend the launch of the new premium tequila, Codigo 1530, in partnership with George Strait, I almost broke my keyboard responding with my RSVP. Let’s just say meeting George Strait has been on my bucket list since my crib days with lullabies sung by my Dad consisting of, “Baby Blue” and “Marina Del Rey.”

The Event Arrival

Leading up to the event date I think I slept with a smile on my face overcome with giddiness. The event was held at the clubhouse of Cordillera Ranch in Boerne, Texas and let’s just say we didn’t start out on the best foot. We pulled in to the valet and Candace (my photographer) and I decided to rearrange our bags and equipment (not paying attention to the line of cars forming behind us). After apparently causing quite the traffic block, Daddy Russ finally rushed us along. As we started walking I began my normal live coverage videos on social media. Right as I was talking to the camera Daddy Russ started laughing and said, “Tori! George Strait is right behind you!” Sure enough, the King himself was right behind me. Unbeknownst to me, he had been in the car directly behind us. We made George Strait wait in line for his own party! Sheesh, Tori!

george strait tequila

To make light of my blunder, I turned on my “Southern charm” and made a joke out of it as we all proceeded in to the venue. We were immediately greeted at an entry bar showcasing the tequila and offering refreshing Palomas. The party was relatively intimate with everyone mingling, sipping and enjoying light bites.

sipping tequila with George Strait

codigo 1530 tequila

paloma recipe

The Nameless Tequila

George Strait and Codigo 1530 founders, Federico “Fede” Vaughan and Ron Snyder, former CEO of Crocs, then walked to the front of the room to tell us a bit more about the brand as glasses of tequila were passed around for tasting.

George strait speaking

federico vaughan and ron snyder


Codigo 1530 has been made for five generations and has only recently been given a name. Made in the small town of Amatitan in Jalisco, Mexico, the tequila has been a long kept secret. Discovered by Vaughan, he would frequently bring it golfing with Snyder and Strait. Shortly after, and many glasses of tequila later, the brand was born.

The brand’s name emerges from the “Codigos” or customs the tequila honors and 1530 is the year Amatitan was founded. The tequila utilizes the highest quality of agave, the purest water and then is aged in the finest wine barrels.

Codigo 1530 will be available in four expressions: Blanco ($49), Rosa ($65), Reposado ($69), Anejo ($119), and Origen ($249). My favorite was easily the Anejo.

In San Antonio, it’s available at many liquor stores, including Twin Liquors, Spec’s, Alamo City Liquor and K&B Liquor in New Braunfels as well as a few restaurants including Aldaco’s, Peggy’s on the Green and some select restaurants on the Riverwalk.

ron snyder tequila

codigo 1530 tequila

codigo launch party


Sipping Tequila With George Strait

I then had the opportunity to sit down privately with George Strait and the founders to sip on some of the delicious Anejo and learn even more about the brand. When we walked in to the room, I admit, I was shaking. As I entered they told me I could sit wherever I wanted. Well … you know this girl isn’t a fool! I promptly walked directly to sit next to… El Rey himself! As I took my seat next to George, I tried with all of my might not to pass out. I composed myself to ask my questions about the brand. I was inspired by the passion the partners had for their brand and the high quality of the product.

tequila launch san antonio

george strait kind of country

george strait tori johnson

george strait codigo tequila

tori johnson san antonio

george strait and tori johnson

It truly was a night I’ll never forget. Daddy Russ and I even enjoyed some laughing with George and his wife, Norma, over our families being from Pearsall (where both the Straits are from) and Dilley (where my family lives, 15 min. south). George couldn’t have been more kind or gracious, and the tequila couldn’t have gone down any smoother.

George and Norma Strait

codigo 1530

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      I know you’ll love it! It truly was special!

  1. gmaj

    What a fantastic opportunity for you, Tori! Like you said, George, from Pearsall and you from Dilley, amazing. I wish I had a video of your dad playing the guitar and you singing along with him to Marina del Rey when you were a little! So cute!

  2. Jackie Kirkindoll

    Lucky girl!! Tequila & The King of country!! What a night! Going to have to buy some & try it myself!

  3. Mireya Buentello

    I’m a tequila kind of girl and I’m definitely buying this one. I must agree that you have to drink tequila “Strait”, no salt & no lime. Absolutely loved this and thanks for sharing your experience. This Texas girl loves El Rey!!


      Let me know when you try the tequila! Thank you for reading!

  4. Maci

    Tori, I’m dying over here! They could not have picked a more perfect blogger to cover this, and I’m so excited for you! And jealous! Haha I think I would have passed out sitting next to him.
    Beautiful photos!

    XO, Maci


      Thank you!! It was just amazing! I’ve wanted to meet him my entire life!

  5. Al monroe

    Sounds like what I’ve been looking for, sipping with no salt or lime. Its great to have the king of country backing a great produ , gonna give a try n I know I’ll like it. Thank you


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