Luke is so excited about Halloween! Every day he tells us a different costume that he wants to wear! With the arrival of October I thought I’d get in to the Halloween spirit by taking Luke on a fun trip to the movies to see Hotel Transylvania 2. We had a wonderful time and the movie got me so in the spirit of Halloween I decided to call up my friend and photographer, Amanda Raba Gentis, to ask if she’d like to collaborate on a fun blog post inspired by the movie! Of course, she knows all of my readers are fashionistas, so she came up with the idea of doing DIY Halloween Fascinators! They turned out sooo cute and stylish! Keep scrolling for directions and more on this great family-friendly movie. And don’t forget at the bottom of the post you can enter to win a $200 Fandango gift card!

Hotel Transylvania 2

This is not your scary Halloween movie but is instead filled with lovable characters that are sure to make you laugh. The movie is about Dracula who owns Hotel Transylvania (a monsters-only hotel). Dracula has a son, Dennis, who is half vampire, half human and Dracula becomes worried because he thinks Dennis isn’t showing signs of becoming a vampire. Dracula then recruits a variety of other monsters to assist him in a boot camp for Dennis and it’s quite the riot from there! To see the trailer click here.

Now that you’re in the Halloween spirit too let’s make some headbands inspired by this “spooky” movie!

diy halloween fascinator


  • headband
  • 3 inch tulle
  • black jewelry wire
  • plastic bat embellishments
  • spider embellishment
  • black feathers
  • black felt
  • glue gun
  • scissors
  • wire snips or heavy duty scissor

halloween fascinators craft

Bats – Step 1: Cut wire into (5-7) 8-12 inch lengths and wrap around headband just left or right of center.

bat halloween fascinator

Bats – Step 2: Use hot glue sparingly to attach bats to wire, sandwiching the wire between two bats.

diy halloween headband

Bats – Step 3: Cut an oval of black felt just longer than the wire and hot glue to the bottom of the headband. 

halloween craft

diy headband

Bats – Step 4: Wrap tulle into a bow with three loops on each side. Tie with tulle in center. Cut loops and glue onto top of headband at base of bats arranging the tulle in-between wires to camouflage the wire.

tulle headband diy

diy bat halloween fascinator

Spider – Step 1: Glue a felt oval about 2.5 inches long to top of headband, just left or right of center (if headband was on it would be over the center of your eyebrow).

DIY Spider Halloween Fascinator

Spider – Step 2: Gather feathers together until as full as you’d like and use a 5-6 inch piece of wire to bind. Hot glue to the felt oval.

spider halloween headband

halloween handband craft

Spider – Step 3: Hot glue the spider embellishment on top of the feathers and felt. Trim felt as needed.

spider halloween headband DIY

Don’t forget to follow Fandango Family on social media (here) and take a moment to watch this Mom’s Movie Minute on the film. And thank you, Amanda, for collaborating with me!

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Disclaimer: I’m a Fandango Family ambassador and received compensation for this post. All opinions expressed here are my own.

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