I’m sure all of your know by now (since I’ve practically been shouting it from the rooftops), but I’m nominated for Fashion Blogger of the Year AND Stylist of the Year in the San Antonio Fashion Awards. Tomorrow is the last day to vote so I’d be so grateful if you would take a quick moment to vote for me (you don’t have to be from San Antonio and I promise they won’t spam you). CLICK HERE TO VOTE.

OR come join me TOMORROW from 7-9pm at one of my favorite boutiques in town, Apricot Lane, for a fun voting party! They are going to have sweets and cocktails, plus you receive 15% off your purchase when you vote in store!

It’s been such an honor to be nominated and I’m truly grateful for everyone who has taken the time to vote for me! If you want to attend the San Antonio Fashion Awards tickets are now on sale (click here).

Thank you everyone! Hope to see you at Apricot Lane!

Apricot Lane San Antonio Fashion Awards

San Antonio Fashion Blogger

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