Well, we had a bit of a scare yesterday and welcome everyone’s prayers. I’ve always been a big believer in being “fashionably late” but apparently my 2nd son does NOT. I’ve been having contractions and my cervix has shortened considerably. Doctors were able to get everything under control but went ahead and started me on a steroid injection plan to try and help his lungs out just in case. I’ll go back to the hospital again today for another round of monitoring and injection.

I’m about 32 weeks and he’s weighing about 3.2lbs so we really need him to keep cooking!! Thank you to all my sweet friends and family who reached out yesterday and who have been covering me in prayer. I know we are in good hands!! I’m so lucky to have such amazing prayer warriors!

Cutest modern 70s maternity dress.

Now on a much lighter note! What is there to not love about a good comfortable, floral maternity dress? I almost feel like I could step back in to the 60s and fit right in! It’s a stylish print and incredibly comfy! As soon as I saw it at H&M I knew it would be perfect! While it’s one of my favorite maternity dresses right now it’s actually not a maternity dress!

Fun print maternity dress.

Comfortable and stylish maternity dress.

Stylish floral maternity dress.

Be comfortable and fashionable while pregnant.

Pretty make-up for blonde.

Fun and flirty maternity dress.

Stylish floral maternity dresses

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This is my sTORI being written as you read. – Love, Tori


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  1. gmaj

    Tell that little toot that gmaj said to hold on little buddy! He needs to get about 3 more pounds on him before he meets his big brother 🙂
    I like that dress!


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