Confidence. For me it’s something that comes and goes. My confidence has gradually developed… lessoning and growing based on different things I had going on in my life. After having Luke I found my confidence in question. I had recently left my job and was getting my feet wet being a business owner still not quite sure if I could hack it. I also had a new body that was carrying a bit more cushion in places that didn’t carry it before. Not to mention, I had just jumped in to the whole guessing game that motherhood is.

But then I got the hang of being a mom and business started running smoothly. My body on the other hand is still not what I’ve known it to be in the past but I’ve learned that changing my eating habits and regularly exercising always gives me a big boost.

Most of all, the important things in life that now give me confidence are different than they used to be. The things that give me confidence are more meaningful. It’s not just being comfortable in my skin but being confident in who I am on the inside. Constantly trying to be a better person but also letting go of my old ideas of “perfection.” It’s a gradual learning process to be proud and love myself.

























photography by sunday sky

This is my sTORI being written as you read. – Love, Mommy Tori




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