My life definitely doesn’t have a lack of color in it. From Daddy Russ and Toddler Luke to our friends and family that we are blessed with – I like to think that my world is a rainbow of colors! Sometimes if you remove the colors from pictures that capture a few of those people and moments, you get beautiful pieces of art!

Here are some of those people, moments in time and just snapshots that I love!

A morning on the beach in Galveston, Texas. The beach was covered in seaweed which many people think is disgusting. But it added some awesome shadowing to this picture.

A seaweed path. Quiet moments on the beach are such wonderful times to just listen to the waves and reflect.

How cute are Luke’s little feet?! I adore this picture taken by Luke’s GiGi. Luke is definitely full of flashing colors!

This is one of my little brothers, Jimmy. He means the world to me. We are like the same person in so many ways.

I took this picture sitting on the dock while fishing with my dad, little brothers, Luke and friends. Such a special time – I love fishing with the boys!

Just me heading to the beach!

Mommy Tori and Toddler Luke playing in the surf. Wish Daddy Russ was there!

Who are the people that bring color to your life?

This is my sTORI being written as you read. – Love, Mommy Tori

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  1. Cyn

    I love that you took the “color” out of the pictures….they are stunning. I am working on doing this with some travel pictures of when we were in Paris (before the kids…) and maybe some of Italy for our living and dinning rooms. But you have given me a great idea for family shots now.

  2. JeannieRichard

    It is said that b&w photos (or sepia in this case) brings our the color of the photo. 🙂
    I always loved b&w photos for their quiet yet loud underlining message.
    They say so much more.

    • torijohnson5

      I also have always been drawn to B&W pictures. I agree with you that you can see more to them than you normally would in color.


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