I’m a major shoeaholic – I mean I REALLY REALLY have a thing for shoes. Usually I’m flaunting a pair of 4 in. heels but now that the “Mommy Days” are here I’m always on the hunt for a cute pair of flats. Apparently, the hunt has been pretty easy lately because I looked at my closet today and realized I had a whole lotta ballet flats! So many that I officially have a troupe!

Oh – Noone make fun of my narrow, bony feet (I never said I was a foot model)!

Follow the trail of ballet flats…

I just bought these mustard yellow flats at Old Navy on sale for $12! I’m all about the sales.

Every gal must have a pair of red flats! I wear them with jeans or anything black. These were purchased at Target.

I’m giddy about these! The little blue patent leather toes are fabulous! Also, bought on sale at Old Navy.

You’ve seen these flats before probably in a picture or two. I love them because everytime I wear them I feel like Audrey Hepburn!

Precious Via Spiga flats with metal detailing. They are from a couple seasons ago but I still like them.

Last but not least – the oldest pair of ballet flats that I have in my closet. I can’t even remember when or where I bought them but I love them too much to leave them out!

Luke had fun during this photoshoot. He was either throwing the shoes, banging them or pretending like they were cars and pushing them across the fireplace.

Too much fun with shoes today!

Do you love ballet flats or are you more of a heel kind of gal?

This is my sTORI being written as you read. – Love, Mommy Tori

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  1. Jacqueline Kirkindoll

    Ok, I like this post on ballet flats but my favorite part was my grandson trying to figure out how to put one on!! Love it! LOL

    P.S. I’m a heel kind of gal!

  2. Lamar

    I’m a flats girl ever since Scarlett was born and my all time favorite are AGL (Attilio Giusti Leombruni). They are Italian made flats that are sold at Nordstroms. They are not cheap ($300), but trust me all it takes it one time to put them on and you are sold. They are the most comfortable flats I have ever owned. My feet NEVER hurt in those shoes.

  3. Sleeping Mom

    That last turquoise one is very cute! I’m with you on flats, post-baby. My heel collection has seriously given way to more comfortable flats these past few years. Although recently I did buy some espadrille wedge heels, but wedge heels are the semi-comfy heels 😉

  4. Nannie

    Well, once upon a time, I did love my dress up “go to meeting” Sunday high heel shoes and I could rival you in the number of shoes in my closet! But now at Nannie’s age, you have to know that I have only the most “stylish” flats and sandals — but I have narrowed them down to two pair that are so comfortable they always come out first — one pair of Coach in black and another with a dark brown patent toe and matching Coach logo in tan — It hurts my feet to even see anyone in those 4″ and higher heels — But it’s always so much fun to see My Great-Grandson’s adventures with everything!!

  5. soanthro

    These are all seriously adorable! I have such a thing for ballet flats, must be the childhood ballerina in me 🙂

  6. Rita Bee

    Oh a post after my own heart 🙂 I am all about ballet flats (and sales). These are all so pretty! I love the yellow ones 🙂

      • Rita Bee

        I struggle to believe that there are no shoeaholics!! 😀

        I just moved to the opposite side of the world and had to leave many of my shoes behind. I also knew I was moving so have been purposefully not accumulating too many pairs in the past 2 or 3 years.

        But just this past weekend I was counting the shoes I have with me at the moment and was really shocked. It’s not a big number but it’s bigger than I expected, particularly given the above-mentioned facts! How did that happened?!


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