how to wear a long vest

How to Wear a Long Vest

Being in the fashion industry I'm always looking for extra stylish pieces either with unique flare or something that will stand out. One of the trends I've been loving is long vests. You might have seen them a lot this past fall but I've been watching gals kee...
barely there makeup

“Barely There” Makeup For Spring

Really I should have called this post, "The Mama Makeup Post," because that's what it really is. It's my secret to my get myself dressed, two kids, everything packed up and get out the door makeup! I'm sure you know what I'm talking about! We all have days whe...
how to wear overalls

How To Wear Overalls

I registered Luke for Kindergarten today. I know...I can't believe it either! How is the little boy that made me a mommy about to go to "big boy school!" I was already having a hard time keeping my cool and then a mom by me started tearing up. I was like, "NOO...
the story of perfume

The Story of Perfume (Free Perfume)

There is something special about perfume. I can remember when I was little my grandmother had a drawer full of perfume samples. I loved gently lifting the little lids and testing all the scents. It seemed so ladylike and grown-up to me. Today I still have my l...

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