4th of July Looks For The Family

4th of July Looks For The Family With Burkes Outlet

Have I ever mentioned that my Lukie is the most patriotic kid I've ever met?! Really, I'm serious! The kid loves to sing the Star Spangled Banner, wear red, white and blue, say the Pledge of Allegiance, and more! He also proudly calls our country 'Merica which...
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Two. Happy Birthday Foster!

Happy birthday Squishy! We love you so very much! You are the completion of our little family and I don't know what we'd do without you. You definitely keep us on our toes and make life interesting! Meego (your grandmother) calls you Baby Gusto. And GUSTO is r...
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Ruffled Shoulders

Today is Luke's FIRST field trip! We are heading to the children's museum and I'm chaperoning. Wish me luck with all these kindergartners! He's so very excited - I can literally feel the excitement radiating off of him. I can actually remember field trips when...
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Getting Passed By

A couple weeks ago I was pretty down in the dumps. I always call the blogging world a never-ending rat race. There is always newer, younger, prettier, skinnier, (insert whatever adjective here) bloggers coming out. I was feeling particularly "mom-ish," uncool ...
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Six. Happy Birthday Luke!

Dear Luke, Happy birthday my sweet boy. Every year I write a special blog post on your birthday just for you. For you are the little boy who made me a mommy. The minute I held you in my arms you completely stole my heart and still have it. Your father and I...
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A Dance Invitation Declined

I've talked about our dance parties before but basically I like to randomly bust out some dance moves in the living room with the boys. They've always smiled and immediately dropped whatever they were doing to boogie with me. The other day a song came on a mov...

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