I can’t believe it’s already been one year! Tonight I will crown the next Queen of the San Antonio River Walk. This year has not only been an incredible honor but its also been such an amazing experience. I’ve always loved this city but in 2019 San Antonio took a piece of my heart. From the rich culture and the beautiful, big-hearted people that live here – we are blessed to call this place home.

And the San Antonio River Walk is at the heart of it all. It’s our crown jewel and has a huge economic impact on, not only our city, but the entire state. Having the opportunity to spend so much time along the River Walk this year I was able to gain a new perspective. From getting to meet more people that reside here as well as visiting with so many tourists enjoying our great city for the first time.

The year has been filled with so many special memories of parades, the craziness of Fiesta, volunteering and doing our part in promoting our wonderful River Walk. I wanted to share some of these special moments with you and am so grateful to everyone who followed along this year.

Our first parade (above) was the mardi gras parade! None of us knew what to expect but it was beyond fun and I know is ingrained in our memories.

Then came time for St. Patrick’s day and dying the river green!

Time to Fiesta! There are no words that can describe Fiesta in San Antonio! From attending upwards of 3 events a day it was incredible! The Cavaliers River Parade and Flambeau were my absolute favorites!

The other thing that made this year so special was my FAMILY. So much of my family traveled in to cheer and support me and I love them so very much. They are some of my biggest cheerleaders!

Luke was able to participate with me in 3 parades: King Williams, Armed Forces and Halloween and it made these even more special. We’ll share these memories for life! I wish Foster had been old enough to come with me as well.

What an incredible year – I’m not sure I can ever top it! Everyone keeps asking me what I’m doing next and to be honest I’m not sure. Part of me needs a good rest! Ha! But if you know me you know it’s pretty hard for me to sit still and I’m always shooting for the stars so keep following my story to find out!

I also want to say a huge thank you to Loren Reyes and the entire team at the San Antonio River Walk Association. Their passion and dedication to this city is unbeatable!

P.S. Yes – I get to keep my crown!! WHOO HOOO!

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