The search for the perfect daycare or preschool for your child can be exhausting. When you’re looking for somewhere that checks all the boxes, has great personal reviews from other parents and is currently accepting new enrollment – that normally requires a ton of time researching online and calling friends to try and figure out what’s available. It’s also one of the most important decisions you’ll make as a parent and shouldn’t be taken lightly. These are the people you are trusting to care, nurture and educate you child.

For all of you parents out there struggling with this, the search is about to get a lot easier. Meet your new best friend, Winnie! is the best database for discovering nearby daycare offerings, preschool programs and so much more!

In the San Antonio area, you can see deep insights on every provider listing with detailed information, photos and reviews from other parents. Plus, you can see the current licensing status for every child care provider – transparency is key. You can even filter your search by locations with immediate openings in the area.

You can join by creating a free account to see local reviews, ask questions and trade insights with an authentic community of parents. There are a ton of open discussions daily between users about all sorts of parenting topics, including child care, education, working parents, infants and more.

In addition to childcare, Winnie is also a great resource for lots of other topics for mom. Looking for something to do? Winnie can assist with activity ideas, parks and playgrounds, family-friendly places to eat, etc.

Traveling with your child? Winnie will be your personal travel consultant with TONS of cities across the nation and Canada included in their destination database.

Having children is also really confusing and who is a better resource than other parents? Winnie also offers discussions for parents to chat important topics such as: activities and enrichment, books and reading, breastfeeding, teething, flying with kids, special needs children, twins and multiples, among a wide variety of other topics.

You’ll love exploring on Winnie’s website today!

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