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As a parent you have a lot of pressure on you to raise your children to be good people. One of the things I’m always trying to teach my boys is kindness. Kindness is completely free, easy to give and not only brings joy to others but also brings joy to you. And I believe the best way to teach kindness is to model being a kind person and live by example. I recently had the opportunity to do just that with the 2018 Lincoln #Navigator through a #NavigateKindness campaign where myself, one of my best friends, Aquila Mendez-Valdez from Haute in Texas and our four children spent four days doing random acts of kindness around our wonderful city of San Antonio. We were able to experience the Lincoln Navigator for four days and turned it into a “Kindness Mobile” and helped our children learn about kindness one good deed at a time!

Come follow along with us as we #NavigateKindness with the 2018 Lincoln Navigator and learn more about this amazing vehicle that is pure luxury! SIDE NOTE – WORLD KINDNESS DAY is November 13 so you can also join in our campaign and continue spreading kindness in your local communities.

lincoln navigator

First let’s talk about this amazing vehicle. I joked with the team when they came for pick up that I seriously wanted to keep it! Not only is it gorgeous but it’s filled with power, comfort and technology! The Lincoln Navigator has a twin-turbocharged 3.5L engine and a 10-speed transmission, capable of producing 450-horsepower. While it has tons of horse power the ride is still incredibly smooth AND quiet. It can even tow up to 8,700 lbs!

lincoln navigator

Let’s talk about this interior. The specific vehicle I’m showing is one of the available Black Label themes so it is filled with luxury and very high-end. I kept joking that I could live in this vehicle but seriously… I totally could! Beautiful leather seats with real wood detailing make stunning design and comfort elements. The seats have heating and ventilation – which is huge in our crazy Texas temperatures – but they also have MASSAGE! Can you imagine pulling up in the car pool line and just sitting there in peace getting a nice massage?! I totally did it!

The middle screen that you see above is large, easy to read and controls everything from navigation to radio. You can’t see it in these pictures but above the steering wheel reflected on the windshield is an available head-up display that tells you your miles per hour, temperature and more! I loved that feature!

Now let’s go to the boys’ favorite part of the car… the available rear-seat entertainment system! Foster was very happy to demo everything for me.

The car is very spacious with a a best-in-class second- and third-row leg room. The power reclining back seats make it very easy to put seats down and car seats were easy to install as well.

As you can see Foster thought the rear-seat entertainment system was the coolest thing ever! Both boys had their own screens and headphones. While on the topic of technology the vehicle also has wi-fi and wireless charging.

lincoln navigator entertainment system

There are sooooo many more features I could tell you about this car. If you are interested in learning more please click here.

Now that you know all about the 2018 Lincoln Navigator let me show you more about our exciting giving back campaign, #NavigateKindness!

For our first day on the campaign the boys and I decided who better than to give back to than our local fire department that risks their lives every day for others. We made a bag filled with treats that the fire fighters could keep on hand like granola bars, beef jerky, Gatorade, etc. and headed to the station. In case you are interested in visiting your local fire station – they welcome parents and children to stop by but know they may not be onsite if they are on a call or they may have to leave at any given time. Most fire stations are very family friendly and my boys had such a blast they didn’t want to leave!

On Day 2 while the boys were in school Aquila and I met at Hemisfair in downtown San Antonio. Hemisfair tower is so iconic for San Antonio and the newly revitalized area is in the heart of San Antonio featuring a splash pad, park, courtyards, art and so much more! I’d also like to say a HUGE thank you to Hemisfair for letting us bring the Navigator in and spread joy!

lincoln navigator san antonio

It was the perfect day for some random acts of kindness and the park was filled with families and school children.

We set up complimentary goodies and balloons to provide the public and just thoroughly enjoyed meeting new people and celebrating the city we love so much. By the way… I’ve officially decided that balloons may be the happiest thing on Earth! I mean… when you give a child (or an adult for that matter) a balloon – their face just lights up!

For days 3 and 4 Aquila drove the car around San Antonio and completed even more random acts of kindness so to continue the adventure be sure to visit her blog www.hauteintexas.com.

This was truly one of those campaigns that just resonated with my heart. And are you ready for the BEST PART?! At the end of the weekend, Lincoln was inspired by our acts of kindness and made a donation to the Hemisfair Conservancy!?! Can you believe that?!

I am PROUD to be a supporter of a brand like that! Thank you, Lincoln, for allowing us to #NavigateKindness across the Alamo City! To learn more about the Lincoln Navigator click here.

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