Last year I introduced you to a new baby furniture line that I fell in love with called Milk Street Baby. The brand was newly available in San Antonio at my friend’s incredible store, Crib & Kids, and it immediately resonated with me. From the style to the mission of the company to create beautiful nursery furniture without sacrificing safety – it was a brand that I knew I could trust to recommend to my readers.

And today I’m so excited to share with you the latest happenings with the company and dive in to their current collections which will truly be the focal point of your nursery.

milk street baby

Did you know that your baby will spend at least EIGHT HOURS unattended in their crib at any given time? That’s an incredibly long time! You can bet I want that crib to be SAFE! And that’s exactly what Milk Street takes in to account. Their raw materials are scrutinized and rigorously tested with more than 20 sets of hands touching your crib during its hand finishing process. They make each product as sturdy and safe as possible and spare no expense to ensure it meets their criteria.

milk street baby

Milk Street currently has three collections: Relic, True and Cameo.

The Relic collection is inspired by architectural elements and features thick posts and clean lines with the nostalgia of an old barn. They finish Relic in artisan applied, distressed grey tones and is strong and long-lasting.

The next collection is their True collection which has always been a personal favorite of mine. The collection is inspired with natural forms and classic lines with a beautiful contrast in colors that is incredibly visually appealing. The two-tone finish adds yet another dimension to shapes and elements that are simple, yet sophisticated. The wood is heavily sandblasted, to reveal the natural topography of the wood grain adding even more interest.

The True Collection also offers a convertible high-back crib which features 4-in-1 options. It transitions from crib to toddler bed, daybed and even an adult full size bed! It can really grow with your child making it an excellent investment piece.

The final collection is the Cameo collection and it is equally as stunning as the others. It features romance with a touch of formality. It includes soft curves and prominent angular bevels. It comes in two finishes: Steam which is a “milky” white and Toast which is natural wood tones.

And the amazing designer behind this company…Julie Knisley! Julie has worked for brands like Restoration Hardware, Pottery Barn and more. She started Milk Street with a passion for design and crib safety.

As you can see not only is this a company that designs beautiful products but they also CARE about the safety and health of your child. That is exactly the type of company that I would entrust my child to. To learn more about Milk Street click here or for a list of Milk Street retailers click here.

Disclaimer: I received compensation from Milk Street for this post. All opinions expressed here are my own.

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