Tips For Rocking Statement Pieces

A statement outfit can be made up of more than one trend!

Lately I’ve been playing with two of the hottest trends for fall: leopard print and sequins. They’re too fun to pass up! I loved pairing this sequin graphic tee, animal print midi skirt and amazing statement jewelry from Lee Michaels. I like to think of it as a “Happy Outfit”!


3 Must-Know Tips For Rocking Statement Pieces

There’s no reason to shy away from these stunners if you know how to pair them correctly. Below I’m sharing my top three tips for wearing statement pieces!

3 Must-Know Tips For Rocking Statement Pieces


The biggest mistake that people make when sporting statement-making outfits is their confidence. If you’re thinking about your outfit or other people’s opinions all day long, it will never feel right. Statement pieces are meant to create stares – don’t start by doubting yourself!

3 Must-Know Tips For Rocking Statement Pieces

Play With Textures, Colors and Silhouettes

To make sure your pairing is truly a match, think about the how the texture, colors and silhouette work together. If you’re wearing a fitted top, try to balance it with a full bottom or pants. If one element is more basic (like my sequin tee), pair it with a different material like this satin midi skirt! Looking for a common or complimentary color – in this outfit my common colors were the reds. By playing up these elements the right way it keeps your outfit balanced!

3 Must-Know Tips For Rocking Statement Pieces

3 Must-Know Tips For Rocking Statement Pieces

Makes Functionable Statements With Jewelry

Select one statement piece like this incredible Gucci Le Marche’ Des Merveilles strap watch available at Lee Michaels, my favorite luxury jewelry store in town (they also have a website for those readers not in San Antonio). The red and green strap coordinate with my colorful outfits and the gold embroidered bee adds even more fun! I also stacked it with a Gucci icon blossom enamel cuff bracelet which I loved.

With the statement watch there’s no need to add big earrings, instead opt for a classic style like these Gucci pave studs. When your shirt is doing all the talking there’s no reason to distract with a large necklace! Your wrists and rings are where you can really play. Top it off with some dainty rings like these Gucci “GG” stackable rings and you’re good to go.


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