I don’t know about you but every year I struggle with what to get Daddy Russ and my dads for Father’s Day. It always feels like they have everything and I don’t want it to be like an ugly tie they just toss in the back of their closet. Well, I have the perfect gift idea for you! Who doesn’t love to have someone else wash their car?!

The Wash Tub is offering a gift book sale for a three-pack of washes for $39.99 and a five-pack for $59.99 making a perfect gift for the dads in your life!

the wash tub

If you’ve never been to The Wash Tub then you AND your car are missing out! They are my go-to when my kids basically trash my car out. They are a full service car wash and detail center and will clean your car in and out.

the wash tub

You just drive up and select the service you want and hand over the keys. They will send your car through their awesome car wash and then attendants will detail the inside including vacuuming, cloth wash, clean the windows and much more.

the wash tub

You can also get a variety of other fancy add-ons like wax, air freshener, tire dressing and more!

the wash tub

Their service is always top knotch and while my car is getting washed I love to shop in their super cute boutique filled with clothes, accessories, gifts and more!

the wash tub

Be sure to find your local Wash Tub and grab a gift to say thank you to the amazing fathers in your life!

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  1. Jackie Kirkindoll

    Hey I know that guy! LOL!!

    I can’t tell you how many people that I’ve shared this blog post with that have said “Great idea!”


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