Dear Foster,

Let me tell you… our life would be practically boring without you. Just like your brother – you are so very special in your own beautiful, loud way. And you are turning in to such a cool kid. You, my son, know how to LIVE LIFE! You live it to the fullest each and every day. Your personality is so big and you are filled with constant energy. Your sense of humor cracks us up constantly. Just like last year you are still filled with mischievousness and are always up to something. You definitely have a stubbornness and challenge me every day but I would never change it.

You love to be outdoors and your favorite pastime is definitely playing in the mud. I’ve finally just given up and let you go to town and then will just hose you off when you are finished.

You are famous pretty much everywhere you go – particularly at your big brother’s school. You insist on me rolling down the window at pick up and drop off and you say hi to everyone (particularly Miss Taylor, the pretty art teacher, whom you call “TayTay.”).

You’ve always been a BIG Daddy’s Boy (he calls you Rabbit) but recently you’ve been wanting your mommy time. On occasion you want someone to “cuddle me” and you are a bit of a handful at bedtime because it’s super hard for you to turn off. Right now you are all about sneaking in to Bubba’s bed.

You may be the littlest in our household but I think you might have the biggest PERSONALITY. I hope you never lose your vivaciousness and love of life. I love you more than waking up in the morning, Foster. Thank you for being my little Squishy and Happy Birthday sweet boy!

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  1. Joyce Foster

    Happy birthday Foster! I love you very much!


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