I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are following the truth.

– 3 John 1:4

I’ve got Foster all messed up with sleeping right now and we are paying for it. Poor dude! We made the mistake of letting him sleep on a palette in Luke’s room several weeks ago. We were considering getting bunk beds and wanted to see if they would sleep in the same room together. Well, needless to say… it FAILED. Foster just can’t stop wiggling, playing with toys and talking to Luke keeping him up all night. We then tried to move him back to his room and that has failed even more ginormously!

Like much of parenting we were obviously just guessing at what we were doing and sometimes we make mistakes (and, unfortunately, that sometimes means a lack of sleep as consequence). Anyone else been in a similar situation with parenting?

But while we totally bombed this time I think there are lots of other things we do well and I try to remember those on the days that I feel like a major #momfail. One major accomplishment we’ve been working on is Luke has been learning the Lord’s Prayer. I’m so proud of him…he’s almost got it completely down! And Foster asks to say his prayers almost every night. They are the cutest prayers which mostly consist of repeating random family names… but it totally counts! There is truly no greater joy to me than teaching my kids about the love Christ has for them.

It’s important as parents to take those fails and turn them in to learning opportunities. And also… give yourself a pat on the back sometimes. You’re doing a great job!

children and truth

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