Dear Lukie,

On this Mother’s Day how perfect that we are celebrating your birthday – because you are the boy that made me a mommy. I think I write that every year but it’s because it is such a momentous time in my life. It changed the core of who I am as a person. Becoming a mother to you taught me what it meant to love someone more than myself. It taught me the true meaning of words like unconditional and selflessness.

This year you’ve had so many milestones, new starts and new adventures – and I’ve loved getting to cheer you on the entire time. Know that I am your greatest cheerleader and will always be. This year you were accepted into a Spanish Immersion program at another school and we decided to leap off a cliff and move to the new school. I can still remember that first day I dropped you off for first grade and I prayed that you would be happy there and find your place. Not only were you happy – you have flourished! You are surrounded by friends and it has been so special watching you absorb a new language! I still think God led us to your new school and we were so blessed for you to have not just one amazing teacher this year but TWO! Your teachers, Ms. Allaire and Ms. Alex, love you dearly! You are lovingly called “Lukie” by everyone!

This year you shot your first deer, lost your first teeth, started machine pitch baseball, learned to play the piano (and played in your first talent show with PawPaw), and so much more! Even though you and your brother fight like crazy right now I know that you will be each others best friend.

We are so proud of the little boy you are turning into. You have a love of God that makes this mama’s heart glow. Your Daddy and I always say that you are our lap dog. You are kind, gentle and always welcome a cuddle and a hug.

I have so many hopes and dreams for you. You and your brother are my greatest inspirations and my greatest pride. You are such a gift, my love. Don’t ever lose your love of cuddles, your beautiful heart and your ease of sharing it with everyone you meet.

I love you more than waking up in the morning. Happy birthday Lukie!

happy birthday

happy birthday

happy birthday

Thank you Hannya at Memory Magic Photography for the Aggie birthday pictures of my boys!

memory magic

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  1. Joyce Foster

    Happy birthday, Lukie!!
    I love you very much!


  2. Jackie Kirkindoll

    Happy Birthday Luke!! Meego and PawPaw cannot wait to celebrate your Birthday next Saturday! We Love you!!


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