As I’ve gotten older I’ve gradually learned to respect the need for self care. It’s important to take care of ourselves and as mothers frequently we put ourselves at the back of the list. Many times this is at the expense of our health (both physically and mentally). This year I have been really trying to practice living INTENTIONALLY and that means intentionally taking time to focus on myself.  There are all kinds of different things you can do for self care for a healthy mind, body and soul and I’ve partnered with the experts over at the JW Marriott’s Lantana Spa to help you achieve the act of self care.

AND… the Lantana Spa has kindly provided a FABULOUS GIVEAWAY for 50-minute treatment of  your choice (scroll down to enter) as well as ALL sTORIbook readers can receive 10% off services and products in the spa shop Monday through Friday with the CODE: sTORIbook for the next month (just reference on the phone when you book or at check-in if you book online).

Also, the Lantana Spa is featuring a Mother’s Luxury Retreat during the entire month of May! The retreat includes a luxurious 80-minute Ultimate Caviar Facial featuring products from Kerstin Florian’s exclusive caviar skin care, where caviar proteins refine, firm and deeply hydrate the skin. Throughout May when someone purchases the Mother’s Luxury Retreat, she will receive a complimentary glass of champagne after the treatment and a travel-sized Neroli Water skin toner from Kerstin Florian. The facial will be offered at a special price of $195 throughout the month. You so want to take advantage of this ladies!

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I’ve said it before… The Lantana Spa is one of my happy places. It’s my go-to spa when I need to unwind and re-center. I’m so excited to announce that they have a brand new menu of services that are even more fabulous. When practicing self care it’s important to find a place that truly allows you to disconnect, find balance and focus on long-term wellness. What I love about the Lantana Spa is it has so many beneficial offerings to assist you with self care from a truly holistic perspective. Their services are all focused on treatments that promote health and healing. I’m also a big proponent of taking care of our bodies by taking time to work out and eat healthy and the Lantana Spa can even help you there! They have a full-service fitness center and spa cafe with healthy food and beverage options. The fitness center offers a variety of classes such as yoga to keep your body healthy. Additionally, they also have a sauna which has incredible health benefits, hot tub, pool and so much more to give you a truly self care focused getaway.

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I’ve had the pleasure of trying out several of their new treatments on the new menu and I want to tell you all about them and how they can assist in your self care. Each of them have varying benefits so you can select one that addresses the needs that you have at any given time.

self care

80-minute Blue Eucalyptus Massage:

Massage offers TONS of health benefits. My back bothers me quite a bit and getting a massage really helps to provide me relief from the pain. But massage can also assist with all types of injuries, stress, anxiety, digestive disorders, headaches, fibromyalgia and so much more. This particular massage was beyond amazing. It utilizes Blue Eucalyptus inhalation to enhance immunity and is followed by a deep tissue massage with Ginger Root Oil. I also learned that the treatment combats adrenal fatigue as well which I know many mothers, including myself, struggle with.

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I loved the smell of the Blue Eucalyptus which I found to be calming and soothing. I was carrying a lot of tension around my neck and my masseuse took extra time on that trouble spot. An 80-minute massage is ideal because it really gives the masseuse time to work on your entire body but also leaves time to focus on areas where you might need some extra attention.

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I love that Lantana has so many amenities and I highly recommend setting aside your entire day so you can enjoy them. Following my massage I always like to sit in the inhalation room and then sat in the hot tub to finish off the day.

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I want to also mention all these fabulous products that you are seeing in these photos. The Lantana Spa has a wonderful spa boutique where you can purchase all of these top-of-the-line brands.

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50-Minute HydraFacial:

First, I want to say that I’m a HUGE proponent of facials. If you are able to get a facial once per month that is ideal. In 2018 I’ve really been focusing on skincare and I’ve seen a HUGE improvement in my skin since I’ve started to get facials more regularly. I’ve had a wide variety of facials but hands down – I saw the most amount of immediate results with the HydraFacial.

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The HydraFacial is an amazing non-invasive, non-surgical procedure that delivers impressive instant results with no discomfort or down-time by using a unique Vortex-Fusion of antioxidants, peptides and hyaluronic acid. All of these things assist with fine lines and wrinkles, discoloring, texture and more with your skin.

While this facial does have relaxing aspects to it I want to preface that it is not one “fluffy” facials as I call them. It’s truly results-driven. The facial begins with a cleanse and chemical peel that will gently exfoliate and get rid of all that old skin. I know chemical peels frighten lots of people but I didn’t find this one to be harsh at all. In fact, I was able to go out that evening without worrying about having an irritated face.

hydrafacial san antonio

Following the cleanse and peel they do extractions using a gentle suction and then they hydrate the skin with all kinds of amazing serums and moisturizers. Basically they saturate the skin with antioxidants and peptides which will leave your skin looking phenomenal. I truly loved this facial and can’t recommend it enough. They also offer series options with special pricing.

healthy mind, body and soul

80-Minute Essential Oil Wrap:

I really enjoyed this treatment because you get a little bit of everything and it’s a very personalized experience. You begin by selecting your own essential oil to assist you with beginning to relax. Then you receive a full body oil massage and then your body will be cocooned in a warm wrap which feels completely heavenly.

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Following you will receive a scalp and foot massage and they also incorporate stone crystal healing energy. I know many ladies don’t like to get a scalp massage because they don’t want to mess their hair up but I highly recommend planning for this because it helps relieve so much stress.

healthy mind, body and soul

jw marriott san antonio

I hope you will take time to prioritize YOU! Don’t put it off but instead start today and make it a regular part of your life because if you don’t take care of yourself no one else will! To learn more about the JW Marriott Lantana Spa click here.

And now… it’s time to enter to win a 50-minute treatment of  your choice valued at approx. $200.

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And don’t forget… ALL sTORIbook readers can receive 10% off services and products in the spa shop Monday through Friday with the CODE: sTORIbook for the next month (just reference on the phone when you book or at check-in if you book online).

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Disclaimer: I received compensation for this post. All opinions expressed here are my own.

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  1. Jackie Kirkindoll

    Totally Love JW Marriott’s Lantana Spa!! I would be there once a week if I lived closer!

  2. Marisa Berry

    Looks heavenly! When the kids were very little as a mother’s/father’s day gift to each other we would spend the weekend at a resort in town. One day he would golf one day I would go to the spa. When the kids got older life got too busy but this post sure makes me miss it!

  3. Emily Mayes

    Love the JW spa! I usually treat myself once a year to a treatment! But this would be heavenly!

  4. Christa Acuna

    This looks amazing! With a baby, I have a very little time for myself and this is the perfect excuse to head to the spa 🙂

  5. Gloria Hamilton

    I would love a spa day at JW Lantana Spa. I booked a reservation last summer but had to cancel last minute since I got sick. Need a do-over.

  6. Samantha

    What a fantastic place to feel pampered, relaxed and rejuvenated! My husband experienced a detached retina in January of these year, and unfortunately, we had to cancel our trip to Hawaii that we were suppose to be going on the week after since he couldn’t fly for 2 months after surgery. To say I need a vacation, or a pamper session is an understatement! Work, recovery, maintaining a household. It can be exhausting!

  7. Samantha Lighty

    What a fantastic place to feel pampered, relaxed and rejuvenated! My husband experienced a detached retina in January of these year, and unfortunately, we had to cancel our trip to Hawaii that we were suppose to be going on the week after since he couldn’t fly for 2 months after surgery. To say I need a vacation, or a pamper session is an understatement! Work, recovery, maintaining a household. It can be exhausting!

  8. Jessica

    Ooh! My mom would LOVE a luxe facial. Thanks for the code!

  9. ashley perez

    I would love to try the hydrafacial! I need it after a stressful week at work . Awesome giveaway! thanks so much for the opportunity 🙂

  10. Taylor Samuelson

    I am 38 weeks pregnant- so a postnatal massage would be AMAZING!!!

  11. Leah

    I haven’t tried this spa yet! Looks like it’s wonderful! I could def use a massage 💆

  12. Olivia

    I will admit, I am terrible about taking care of myself. I serve people everyday from my family, friends and clients. This would be a treat to experience and have time for me.

  13. Perlita Mata

    would love to win to take day off just for myself and release the stress and tension in my life

  14. Roxy Lara

    I’d love to win spa giveaway because I need a mommy break!! 🙂 I need some pampering after working nonstop with two kiddos.

  15. Linda C.

    Can you believe I have never had a facial? I definitely would love to have one. Thanks for the chance!

  16. Amy

    I would absolutely love time to recharge and reset my mind, body, and soul! A scrub or facial would be amazing!!

  17. Naomi Barton

    I would love to win this to have some me time! Mom of 3 boys and a hubby im always going going going!

    • Valorie Zavala

      I’m so glad I found your blog. This place sounds amazing! Everything JW Marriott Lantana Spa offers is something this momma needs!

  18. Sherril Theis

    I’ve gotten to enjoy the JW Mariott Lantana Spa years ago and still remember that amazing experience! My boss treated us to massages for our Christmas present. I would so love to get to win this generous giveaway and get to go again.

  19. Misty Bennett

    I am a much better mom, wife, friend, etc when I take the time for self care. Great reminder and the spa looks amazing!

  20. Brittney

    I have been searching for a place to get a quality hydrafacial and it looks like JW Marriott’s Lantana Spa is the place to go. I can’t wait to treat myself to a luxurious spa day!

  21. Mandi

    I haven’t had a spa day in quite some time, this would be amazing to treat myself!

  22. Jacqueline Garza

    I would love to win this cause my face has been acting all types of crazy recently!

  23. Patsy

    Oh what a neat place! I would love to get a massage here. How special!

  24. Vanessa Solis

    Thank you for this giveaway as it is so generous! I would love to have some time for myself. From teaching, coaching and a seven month old these moments are few and far between.


  25. Samantha Casas

    I’ve been dying to visit the JW Resort & Spa! So many people have raved about the services, and the grounds itself. A spa day would be amazing for this work-at-home mom of 2 toddlers! I’d definitely get a massage and facial.

  26. Lori Schifani

    I would love a spa treatment to relax, be pampered and take care of my skin!

  27. Chris Jones

    This would be totally amazing. And wow at what ya’ll offer! Thank you so much for the chance 🍀

  28. Vera Veronica Rodriguez

    Being newly married and adjusting here in San Antonio, the above services at the Marriott makes you look forward to an end of the day relaxation every woman deserves. I certainly look forward to trying the spa services offered.

  29. Mandy

    The CrossFit open competition has destroyed my body 🙈 #sore AND with spring in full swing in the fashion world I’ve been working extra long hours.

  30. Anne

    I’m a stay at home mom to my miracle baby who is now two!! We just moved to San Antonio in October after my husband was laid off three times since our daughter was born. We e been through a lot and some tlc, relaxation and rejuvenation is just what this mama needs for a fresh start!

  31. Maggie Hyde

    I’ve always wanted to try the Lantana! Looks amazing.

  32. Catie Burlison

    I am 26 weeks pregnant – a prenatal massage would be amazing!

  33. Ashley

    Sounds like a lovely place! I’ve never had a facial and would love to!

  34. Dawn

    This looks like an amazing self-care retreat. So glad you shared about the HydraFacial!

  35. Bobbie C.

    This would be absolutely amazing. I haven’t relaxed in over 10 years. I gave 4 kids with my oldest 13 and my youngest 3 and I have been going non stop since having children. I never have time for myself and this would be the perfect start to making me time! Thank you for this chance.

  36. Shanti

    As a working mom of two crazy five year olds, I need a getaway!


    I would love to try the hydro facial. I’m pretty new to San Antonio and have been trying out some places, but I am not finding the comfortable feeling I’m looking for.

  38. Christine Hooper

    This would be so amazing to win! I desperately need a day of relaxation and self care!

  39. Ali Lang

    What a luxurious and amazing experience! I’d love to visit here and try out a massage or facial!

  40. Lori Floyd

    This is very informative post and I loved reading it. Something I will look forward to take in mind. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this topic.

  41. Stephanie Carpio

    I totally agree with you. How could we continue caring for our family if I’m all stressed and sick? Of course, when we take care of ourselves, we’re not doing it for ourselves alone but for our loved ones as well. It’s nice to spend some time off every once in a while.


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