For a while now I’ve struggled with a PURPOSE and DIRECTION for my blog. I have to admit that just posting outfits and where to shop them gradually has felt very shallow with little depth. It left me yearning for something more. While people shopping through my blog is certainly valuable (and appreciated) as the income source is the reason I’m able to continue with it. However, it has left me feeling very unfulfilled.

Over the last couple of months I’ve finally been realizing God has been calling me to use the platform for a bigger purpose. Yes, I still love fashion and hope to provide you inspiration there as well – but I also want this to be a place for women to come for LIFE inspiration, fellowship in God and for a positive, real-life influence. With that being said, I’m excited to launch a new series called Fashion + Faith where I’ll continue my normal outfit posts but hopefully also provide you with little tidbits of inspiration, hope and faith.

I’m so excited to be teaming up with my girlfriend in God, Christi Minter, who is an incredibly talented photographer as well as graphic designer. She will be joining me to provide beautiful graphics that we hope you will feel free to re-post and spread.

Thank you as always lovelies for helping me to make The sTORIbook a continued evolving dream of reaching others in positivity and love.

fashion and faith

Fashion and Faith

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Fashion and Faith

fashion and faith



fashion and faith
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  1. Kelly

    Oh my god! You look gorgeous. I love your outfit. You look so cute and adorable. Also, your pictures are very colorful and this place looks amazing. I got to say, your hat is beautiful. You look like a real lady! Thank you for sharing this idea with us! Do you like to wear jeans?


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