As mothers we have immense responsibility placed on us. Every day I constantly remind myself that I have little humans who are not just watching me as a role model but also looking to me to care for them (and I want to make sure I’m on this Earth a long time to be able to do that). As many of my sTORIbook lovelies know because you’ve been by my side – I’ve struggled with my health off and on. From all my heart issues which I have a pacemaker for to my stroke last year – I got a big wake up call that I needed to take care of my body and stop taking it for granted.

I learned to be a huge believer that as moms it’s incredibly important for us to take care of our bodies and make our health a priority. In my book a healthy mommy equals a happy mommy. Not only do I exercise regularly but I also strive to eat a healthy diet. And juicing is a regular part of my eating habits. Whether, I need to reset my diet after a vacation or perhaps I’m fighting off a cold – juicing helps me put all the GOOD STUFF back in my body. I don’t have enough time to make my juices myself but luckily I recently discovered a brand of juices called Just Made at HEB that are not only delicious but they also are packed with nutritional benefits.

The Health Benefits of Juicing

What Are The Health Benefits of Juicing:

Fruits and vegetables are packed with nutritional value but to get the full amount of nutrition from them you have to eat quite a bit. Juicing provides an easier and faster option to consume those nutrients. Additionally, juicing removes the insoluble fiber allowing for the body to absorb all the good stuff easier. Packing all of these fantastic vitamins and minerals in your body will provide you more energy, detoxify your body, keep you hydrated, help fight stress as well as even protect against a wide variety of illnesses.

The Health Benefits of Juicing

About Just Made:

As I was mentioning above, I’ve been crushing some Just Made juices lately and I was really drawn to the story about why the company was founded. Just Made was formed to bring the functional properties of tropical ingredients to the North American market while placing value in the farmers that grow those fruits and vegetables. Additionally, the company donates a portion of every bottle sold to support teachers in their farming communities.

The Health Benefits of Juicing

The Flavors of Just Made:

Just Made currently has five flavors:

  • Papaya Passion: This is my favorite of all their flavors. It has papaya, passion fruit, white grape juice, lime juice and ginger. I lived much of my childhood in Venezuela and we enjoyed fresh passion fruit juice on a daily basis but it’s really hard to find in San Antonio. Papaya aids digestion and helps convert nutrients into energy and ginger eases unhappy tummies.
  • Berry Bliss: I would say this was my boys’ favorite flavor with blackberry, pomegranate juice, white grape juice, maqui berry juice and cinnamon. Blackberries, pomegranate and maqui are awesome antioxidants.
  • Kale Karma: I always recommend making sure you get a “green juice” in your juicing regimen. Some green juices are pretty tough to swallow but I really enjoyed this one. It has kale and spinach with pineapple juice to sweeten it and a touch of ginger. With this juice you are getting tons of Vitamin C and manganese for strong bones and immunity.
  • Tumeric Temptation: If you suffer from inflammation then this is the juice for you. It blends pineapple, passion fruit, carrot and tumeric together in a healthy drink.
  • Dandelion Delight: This juice is currently sold out but it has celery, orange, pineapple and dandelion. I actually learned that dandelion has been used in traditional medicine to improve liver function and gently cleanse the body.

The Health Benefits of Juicing

As you can see there is a flavor for everyone! AND – the other thing I really like is there is only 150-180 calories per bottle.

I also have had quite a few readers ask me before about juice cleanses. I know many people are intimidated by a full cleanse but I want to let you know that you don’t have to do a cleanse to juice. Feel free to just add a juice to your regular meals – you’ll be surprised by how awesome it will make you feel.

The Health Benefits of Juicing

If you don’t have an HEB near you but would like to purchase some Just Made juice you can also buy online here.

Remember mommies – you shouldn’t feel guilty about taking care of yourself. When we are so busy taking care of others it’s easy to forget the importance of our own bodies. Don’t neglect your health and nutrition. Make it a priority for yourself AND for others. And don’t forget… by exercising and eating right you will also be teaching your children to do the same.

To learn more about Just Made click here.

Disclaimer: I received compensation from Just Made for this post. All opinions expressed here are my own.

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  1. Matt

    Awesome article!
    100% juice contain naturally-occurring phytonutrients – compounds found in fruits, vegetables and other plants that researchers believe have disease-preventative and disease fighting properties.

  2. euan

    Awesome article! I drink juice I have made all the time. I like drinking green juice, it gives a buzz as coffee does except it’s a healthy buzz. Papaya passion sounds like a good choice to me!

  3. Michael

    Thanks for this article, Tori! The beneficial properties of juices are hard to overestimate. Before I read your article, I had had no interest in “Just Made” juice brand. Yes, I have seen these juices on store shelves, but they have never drawn my attention. I prefer to make juices myself with a juicer or even with a blender when I need more pulp. Apparently, “Just Made” is a manufacturer that you can really trust. I’ll try to take these juices with me on my trips when the juicer is not at hand.

  4. Alex

    A mothers job is very tough, no doubt and mothers are so much busy in taking care of their children that sometimes they forget to take care of themselves. Thanks for recommending and reminding that what mothers should do, a great article will recommend it to my wife!!

  5. Faria ferdowsy

    The juice is very healthy food. Most of the people likes juice. I love strawberry juice.
    Your article is very helpful.

  6. Fit Strong

    Thanks! Very informative and I have been juicing since the mid 90’s. Always keep the amount of sugar in check by drinking more green juices than fruity ones


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