Happy 2018 everyone! I hope everyone’s year has gotten started off fabulously! We kicked off the year in Colorado skiing and have been trying to get back in to the swing of things. This past week we enjoyed an extra long weekend with an ice day in San Antonio which is super rare. We invited some of our friends over who live close by, made pots of carne guisada and did tons of Valentine crafts and played a massive game of Chickenfoot. There was even about 10 minutes of magic when it started snowing! It was just a perfect and special day.

I was in Starbucks yesterday when an older lady struck up a conversation with me. I told her I was getting a coffee for Luke’s teacher and heading up to volunteer at the school. She smiled and said, “I remember those days. You don’t know it yet but you are in the best time of your life.”

I keep thinking about her words. I’ve been struck lately by how big the boys are getting. Foster is talking more, starting to count and we are getting close to starting to potty train. He’s still such a strong personality and just an abundance of everything. Luke had his first baseball try-outs today and he’s driving with Daddy Russ to a friend’s ranch to possibly shoot his first deer right now. I feel like shooting your first deer is such a momentous occasion in a boy’s life.

Some days are super tough right now but I love these boys so much. I pray for patience and guidance constantly to try and be the best mom I can be and try to enjoy and appreciate this time we are in. It’s easy in those “terrible two” moments to get short tempered and lose sight of how blessed I am but I’m going to remind myself with those sweet lady’s words.

Here are a few pictures from our Snow Day in December and on the fashion front it’s time for those end-of-season coat sales! It a great time to take advantage of getting a fabulous coat at a discounted price! I’ve sifted through the sales a pulled some of my faves. Happy shopping ladies!


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