Every year I sit down and write a Christmas post but this year I was honestly too busy enjoying and celebrating Christmas to actually write about it. It’s been a goal of mine lately – stop writing, sharing, posting on social media, etc. about life and actually EXPERIENCE it. Be IN it. Be IN those moments and not connected to a phone or computer. So… that’s exactly what I did and it was perfection.

Christmas with these two little boys was beyond special. It was FILLED with magical moments. From Christmas caroling, pictures with Santa, parties with friends, candlelight service celebrating the birth of Jesus and meals with family. It was filled with everything Christmas is all about.

I know a lot of moms complain about the Elf on the Shelf but I have to tell you…I LOVE IT! I know, I know! You are probably rolling your eyes at me. I truly can’t wait for it each year. Every morning during the Christmas season Luke wakes up extra early to search for our elf, Pumpkinny. And when he finds him there is just so much joy. And his resounding belief in that magic is magical to me.

Foster also has been transitioning from toddler to little boy and I can see him catching his brother’s Christmas Spirit. When Santa arrived for our annual Santa Picture Party the excitement just exploded out of him as he wrapped his arms around Santa (and then proceeded to stare in awe at him the entire evening). For those of you that know my youngest knows how full of life he is. This kid does everything BIG and LOUD and makes magical moments all the more impactful! I can’t help but think how boring our house would be without him! Ha!

Each year brings new traditions and memories and this one brought even more. As we head towards 2018 I’m so excited about what the New Year has in store for our little family. God continues to bless us and we are forever grateful.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and hoping you experience many MAGICAL MOMENTS!

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