When I went to Paris this summer I was struck with how beautiful and composed the French women always appeared. Their style was always classic yet chic and their beauty regimens perfection. They certainly didn’t wear the amount of makeup that we wear in the U.S. but their look was none the less flawless. In fact, many would just wear a swipe of good mascara and a fab red lip and be on their way.

As I returned home I couldn’t help but want to capture the French look and I finally discovered one of their secrets! All you need to remember is one name…Vivienne Sabo! This fabulous French beauty brand is available in the U.S. And better yet, for those readers in San Antonio – you can find it at your local HEB!

They were kind enough to send me their lovely mascaras to try out and I wanted to walk you through FIVE of them! You are sure to find one (or more) that is perfect for you! Because…all you need is mascara, right?!

Vivienne Sabo Mascara Review

Vivienne Sabo sent me four of their newest mascaras as well as their tried and true Cabaret Premiere. The other four formulas sent to me were Femme Fatale, Garconette, Eventailliste and Jalouse. All of these retail for approx. $12.

Vivienne Sabo Mascara Review

Let’s start with their famous Cabaret Premiere which is their waterproof formula. This formula features a thinner, straight brush made with a special material called “Hytrel.” Basically this feels like a flexible rubber. Now I’ll admit normally I don’t like rubber brushes. I find that they don’t “grab” the lash well during application. HOWEVER, with this brush I actually found that it grabbed the lash well ensuring that mascara was applied along the entire lash. Additionally, I liked the straight brush because you could be very specific with your application. The only issue that I found with the brush is as it is very straight and the bristles are rubber you lose the curling ability that some wands offer.

The formula itself did a good job darkening my lashes and I’d say a “medium” job lengthening them. They have other formulas that add greater length. The one drawback is it didn’t really thicken my lashes but more so just enhanced what I had. But what makes this formula fabulous is how waterproof it is. I totally tested it in the shower to see if I’d end up with mascara streaming down my face and sure enough it held up perfectly! I also have a problem with waterproof mascaras flaking throughout the day and the Cabaret didn’t flake on me. Click here to learn more about Cabaret Premiere.

Vivienne Sabo Mascara Review

I’m going to start by saying I really dig the Garconette brush. To me this is more of a “traditional” mascara brush. It’s straight (thicker than the Cabaret brush) with plastic bristles. What I like is the bristles are of varying length which is great for lashes that are ALSO of varying length. It has a great “grab” effect but also does a good job of separating each lash so you don’t end up in a clumpy mess. This formula is nice and creamy so you get length AND thickness. To learn more about Garconette click here.

Vivienne Sabo Mascara Review

Femme Fatale!! What a great name for a mascara right?! This formula for me definitely provided the most amount of VA-VA-VOLUME on my lashes. If you are looking to add volume and thickness to your lashes this is a great formula for you. I don’t think I have the thinnest lashes so for me I found the formula to clump a bit if you don’t take time with application.

This brush is straight but the bristles are thicker towards the wand and thin towards the end. I prefer the brush from Garconette personally because the bristles didn’t separate my lashes as well. To learn more about Femme Fatale click here.

mascara review

I always try to be honest with you in my reviews and especially with mascara not everyone is going to like every mascara. Unfortunately, Jalouse was my least fave of the Vivienne Sabo mascaras. It primarily revolved around the brush. It’s a plastic, 4-edged brushes and I could just never get the hang of it. The bristles are super short and I found I just kept smearing the mascara on and frequently accidentally get it around my eyes as well. The formula is pretty good for volume and length but I just couldn’t get around the brush. To learn more about Jalouse click here.

Vivienne Sabo Mascara Review

I’m going to end with my favorite Vivienne Sabo mascara… Eventailliste. I found this mascara to be the best blend of brush AND formula. So let’s start with the brush. I LOVE that it’s curved. You don’t find mascaras with curved brushes very often and I don’t understand why because I think it works so well following the curve of lashes and adding curl. I think I might prefer the material the Garconette brush is made of but that’s if I’m just being ultra picky.

Regarding, the formula… I really like this formula. I thought it did all of the three things I want in a mascara: color, lengthen and add volume. To learn more about Eventailliste click here.

Mascara is such a personal experience in my opinion and it’s important to try out different formulas/brushes until you find YOUR mascara. Vivienne Sabo offers a wide variety of choices with true quality (and at a great price). I can’t wait to hear what Vivienne Sabo mascara YOU liked the best! To learn more about Vivienne Sabo click here.

Disclaimer: I received compensation for the post but all opinions expressed here are my own.

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