Through my blog and work with Fashion Group International (FGI) I have had the pleasure of meeting so many talented individuals. Last year following the San Antonio Fashion Awards I had the pleasure of meeting Giovanna Diz Zurita (aka. Gio). This tiny little gal packs the brightest smile, the most contagious energy AND an abundance of talent! I immediately adored her and knew I had to visit her studio ASAP.

When you walk into Giovanna Diz Zurita’s Gallery you will immediately be struck by the COLOR. This gal has no fear in using color and her artwork is, not only stunning, but fun and filled with energy. When she told me that she was starting to do apparel as well I was immediately intrigued! After a few more chats a collaboration was born!

Giovanna Diz Zurita

Gio designed and hand painted the most gorgeous dress for me for a recent FGI event called the “White Party.” The Grecian inspired gown was accented with gold paint and strategically placed sparkle!

Giovanna Diz Zurita

I truly felt like a Greek Goddess and accessorized the outfit with gold accessories, a hair crown by Angelina Mata (thank you for letting me borrow it Ellie!) as well as some gold foil paint for a little special touch.

Giovanna Diz Zurita

Gio currently designs leggings, shirts, dresses, tote bags, socks, decorative pillows, canvas art work and so much more. She is a self-taught Mexican-American artist. She says, “Her art is a pure manifestation of her view of the world, her experiences and the joy of life. She strives to share joy and happiness with the world and her community via her art.”

Giovanna Diz Zurita

It was a true honor to be dressed by her and I hope you will run out to visit her gallery asap! I promise you will fall in love with her as fast as I did!

About Giovanna Diz Zurita Gallery 


555 W. Bitters Rd. #123

San Antonio, TX 78216             



Sunday & Monday: Closed
Tuesday – Friday: 1:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Saturday: 11:00 am – 3:00 pm

Photography By:

Greg Harrison

San Antonio Fashion Blogger

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