Anyone up for a road trip? You know if it’s a sTORIbook road trip we will be traveling in STYLE! And by style I mean a monstrous, premium, custom-made charter bus with Vonlane. Vonlane is a luxury bus company offering top-of-the-line transportation to and from major Texas cities including Dallas, Houston, San Antonio and Austin. From the incredibly comfortable seats, state-of-the-art safety technology to the incomparable customer service… this is my new favorite way to travel across the Lonestar State.

Vonlane Luxury Charter-65

Vonlane Luxury Charter

EVERY seat is FIRST CLASS with Vonlane! Vonlane’s buses feature 16 plush leather seats with ample legroom as well as a private conference room (compared to a traditional bus that contains 56 uncomfortable seats which were cleaned who knows when). One of the other things I loved is there are NO MIDDLE SEATS! It never fails when I travel I get stuck in the middle seat every time!

Each vehicle is outfitted with state-of-the-art safety technology, galley, noise canceling headphones, flatscreen TVs, free Wi-Fi, electrical outlets AND a full bathroom (it’s an actual REAL bathroom vs. the scary airline ones).

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Customer service is of utmost importance to Vonlane. I had the pleasure of meeting CEO, Alex Danza, as well as one of his drivers and on-board attendant. Many of the attendants are former airline stewardesses and are happy to make your trip as comfortable as possible. All trips include complimentary refreshments as well as meals for longer trips.

Vonlane Luxury Charter Bus

Vonlane CEO, Alex Danza

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Vonlane attendant on board each trip.

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All clients have access to water, eye mask, noise cancelling headphones, pillow and much more to make your trip comfortable.

vonlane luxury bus

I, of course, had to test out the seats! They felt just like sitting in first class and I particularly loved the leg rest.

The other benefit of traveling with Vonlane is buses almost always depart on time. The airlines seem to be delayed or canceled more often than not so I’m so excited to not deal with that hassle anymore!

Vonlane Luxury Charter-52

As I mentioned above, you can arrange to have a meal ordered in advance for longer trips. We selected a nice, fresh salad!

Vonlane Luxury Charter-56

Vonlane Luxury Charter-16

A wide variety of snacks and beverages are also offered throughout your trip. Their fabulous attendants walk through regularly in case you get a sweet tooth!

vonlane san antonio bus

Booking a seat on one of their routes is easy and can be done online by clicking here. They also currently offer a rewards program that converts miles to travel credits (read more here).

luxury bus route texas

Remember that conference room I mentioned? How genius is this?! You don’t have to miss out on work time while traveling with this meeting space and free wi-fi.

bus route san antonio

Vonlane Luxury Charter-19

Of course we had to show you the bathroom (because everyone is curious about the bathroom, right?)! As you can see it is a normal toilet and sink.

Vonlane Luxury Charter-21

Vonlane terminals are currently located at:

Dallas: Doubletree Love Field (3300 W. Mockingbird Lane, Dallas, Texas 75235)

Austin: Hyatt Regency Austin (208 Barton Springs Road, Austin, Texas 78704)

Houston: Hyatt Regency Houston (1200 Louisiana Street – Corner of Dallas Street and Louisiana Street)

San Antonio: San Antonio Marriott Rivercenter (101 Bowie Street)

Vonlane Luxury Charter-27

As you can tell I had a wonderful time visiting with Alex and learning more about Vonlane. I don’t see how I can ever ride a regular bus again! In addition to regular routes across Texas – Vonlane’s luxury buses can also be privately chartered.

To learn more about Vonlane visit



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  1. jackie Kirkindoll

    Nice way to travel! And this would be a fun way to travel to an event with a group of friends!!

  2. Pat Dybala

    When will there be a Vonlane from San Antonio too Dallas? Sure hope soon!!


      Hi Pat! Great question! They are currently exploring a SA to Dallas route but don’t have a timeline yet. SA to Austin is coming soon though!

  3. Diego Lopes

    That is one luxurious looking bus. That’s probably more comfortable than any car I’ve ever been in. Or any house, for that matter.

  4. K. GOGA

    Does Vonlane have a bus service from San Antonio to Austin ????
    Unable to book on-line.
    Please respond on my e-mail below


      Hello! I believe they will be starting one soon!


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