I told this story on my personal Facebook page but it was too funny to not share here as well. For those of you that are moms you know EXACTLY what these situations mean. For those that aren’t… Let’s just say two words (“poop patrol”) and I’ll let your imaginations run wild!

So yesterday Luke was building one of his electronic race tracks. When the building started all race cars had wheels on them. When the building completed… all race cars did NOT have wheels on them. I’m sure you can guess who the culprit was! So I turned to Foster and said, ” Foster! Where are the car’s wheels?!” To which he proceeded to laugh hysterically. “Foster! Did you EAT THEM?!” I questioned. “YEA!” Foster emphatically proclaimed!

Why am I even surprised? That little toot! There are about 6 rubber wheels still missing and I’m praying that he just has them stashed somewhere (not in his belly). But I guess time will tell. There is never a dull day with Foster Monster!

How about some red and ruffles for you today?! Red looks good with so many hair colors. I love when blondes and dark haired ladies wear red! It’s just immediately glamorous in my opinion. This dress is by a company called StyleWe and is so chic. It’s very comfortable but has that little bit of flare with the ruffles on the bottom and sleeve. I also love how much movement it has. I paired it with simple stilettos in the below photos but have also worn it casually with sandals as well! To shop it click here.

red and ruffles dress

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Igor P Gevonshyr

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